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International economy in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2021-02-15Updated:2021-02-15
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1. For the international economy it hopefully brings about a more efficient allocation of investment or financial resources.
2. In terms of the international economy, free trade was the order of the day.
3. In fact a gold standard operated in the international economy prior to 1914 and for a period after the First World War.
4. International economy order is minute of administrative levels.
5. He gave us a report on the international economy.
6. International economy progress is slow 2003, foreground still not Anacreontic.
7. The development of modern international economy makes guarantee indispensable because of the large trading value, long contract term and high risk difficult to predict.
8. City group the main unit that becoming international economy competition gradually.
9. Shanghai should become city of international economy center and international shipping center to must modern liaison man carries a system to suit to it.
10. English Business Correspondence is the core curriculum of International Economy and Trade major.
11. The international economy is developing, absorb the nutrilite of the external civilization[], could improve oneself better.
12. From the international economy trade trend of development analysis, the innovation selects should be able to manifest the legal fair value and the benefit value unification.
13. The various roles of agriculture will have to be seen as integral aspects of the broader rural, national and international economy.
14. The reader should endeavour to keep up to date with oil market developments because of their impact upon the international economy and financial system.
15. This aided the operation of the fixed exchange rate system and helped to maintain a low inflation rate in the international economy.
16. Inflation Up to the mid-1960s, inflation rates had been low in the international economy due to two major factors.
17. A final factor contributes to the low income of garbage pickers and this relates to their involvement in the international economy.
18. Since the early 1970s less favourable conditions have existed due to major changes and shocks experienced within the international economy.
19. But this is only one kind of international dimension, only one way of understanding the geography of the international economy.
20. Why in the past did states provide protection and buffering against the international economy?
21. The international tax treaty conflicts may arouse double taxation and hinder free development of international economy.
22. China will open her financial market and achieve free float of exchange rate and interest liberalization with the quickened integration of international economy and the entry to WTO.
23. The worries that they have about what happens what's happening to the international economy are real.
24. China enters a life, the mark is worn our country economy blends in international economy tide.
25. Industrial cluster competition has been one of the main contents of the current international economy competition.
26. Economic globalization is the most basic characteristic of the international economy develops, and the resistless tide of history.
27. International division of labour promotes or impedes the development of a country's economy and also the international economy in a direct or indirect way.
28. The exchange rate choosing theory and monetary crisis theory provide theoretical guide and general analytic method for studying practical problems of international economy.
29. The company, insisting on technology, innovation, unyieldingness and challenging, participate actively to international economy cycle, and contribute to the nation's development.
30. The worries that they have about what is happening to the international economy are real.
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