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Intermediate state in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2022-04-27Updated:2022-04-27
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1. So there's my intermediate state there.
2. UV - shaped in an intermediate state.
3. It advances the presence of the intermediate state of polar opposition adjective, and tries to establish more detailed typical continuum of the polar opposition adjectives.
4. Checkpoint facility enables the intermediate state of a running process to be saved to stable storage.
5. Negative emotions are an intermediate state between sanity and insanity.
6. Liheci is a kind of intermediate state that Chinese word is evolved from the monosyllable to the compound state.
7. The author puts forward the intermediate state of urbanization paths, in which satellite towns should be asked to be carriers.
8. Therefore, we suggest that n-diamond is indeed an intermediate state between the FCC structure and diamond structure.
9. Carbenium ion is an active intermediate state in organic reactions, which has been investigated for over 100 years.
10. The Central Plains of Wu Dynasty, Liao Dynasty, Jin Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty were in the intermediate state from the limited materials.
11. Some practical analysis methods for reliability vector of multilevel hierarchical and network aseismic engineering systems with intermediate state and failuredependence are established.
12. The formation and maturity of contemporary literature is a process of continuously excluding the intermediate state.
13. Thirdly, calculation method and step for the probability of the element in safety state(, intermediate state and failure state are given which is based on the general reliability analysis.
14. Once a reply to a database query has been returned, then the reply, the intermediate state, and the query itself are no longer needed.
15. Once the user has dismissed the dialog, all of that intermediate state becomes unnecessary.
16. The queue is in the quiescent state before an insertion operation and after the second CAS (D) succeeds; it is in the intermediate state after the first CAS (C) succeeds.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. I'm certain of it because the entirety of the intermediate state used in its processing is held on the stack in parameters, and therefore, by definition, cannot be accessed by multiple threads.
18. The insertion operation first checks to see if the queue is in the intermediate state before attempting to insert a new element (A), as shown in Listing 4.
19. Instead, think of ways to solve your problems by defining compositions of functions that don't require intermediate state.
20. In the quiescent state, the next field of the link node pointed to by the tail is always null; in the intermediate state, it is always non-null.
21. Drum machine changes would result in a null at the punner in an intermediate state.
22. The queue is always in one of two states: the normal, or quiescent, state ( Figure 1 and Figure 3) or the intermediate state (Figure 2).
23. The LCD is some organic matter to a certain temperature range, the rendered an intermediate state.
24. Here the entire set of of flow activities runs within one single technical transaction, navigation is all done in memory, and the intermediate state is not saved to a database.
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