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Intermediate frequency in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2021-01-12Updated:2021-01-12
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1. Intermediate frequency instability has had the most uneven history.
2. It includes four basic elements:user interface, GPS signal simulator(intermediate frequency, IF), civilian(C/A) software receiver and interference generator.
3. Digital Intermediate Frequency ( DIF ) system is applied widely in Radar and communication systems.
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4. In signal processing, second - generation enhanced intermediate frequency sampling speed and signal processing speed and capacity.
5. Result The effectual rate with diathermy of ultra intermediate frequency is 85 %.
6. This paper discusses the realization of the digital intermediate frequency modul in software radio system.
7. Also the designing process of pulse modulator, intermediate frequency amplifier, video frequency amplifier and analog filter is introduced in the dissertation.
8. Development process of the wide-band intermediate frequency phase meter is introduced completely in this paper.
9. An intermediate frequency amplifier is designed to suppress the parasitic amplitude modulation and suppression effect is also analyzed.
10. Low and intermediate frequency instability models are taken up first.
11. The system adopts superheterodyne architecture. It consists of intermediate frequency (IF) band and radio frequency (RF) band hardware design.
12. Fundamentals of IF(Intermediate Frequency) bandpass signal sampling and quadrature detection are discussed, especially the coherent mixing LPF method and Hilbert transform frequency-shift method.
13. It was suggested that direct intermediate frequency sampling was approached by two branch sampling, otherwise digital product detector was adopted to digital interpolation.
14. A power harmonic suppressing method based on voltage intermediate frequency inductive stove was introduced.
15. The paper describes the arrangement of intermediate frequency furnace and makes some suggestions on it.
16. The principled diagram of the major loop circuit and the relay circuit based on the intermediate frequency power supply energy stroke startup mode is presented in this paper.
17. This paper analyzes the practice of technology of co-smelting high-alloy steel by the LF furnace and intermediate frequency furnace.
18. Each of them is composed of high frequency amplifier, intermediate frequency amplifier and sampling, digital phase uprightness intersector, DDS and the S band signal inspirator for the transmitter.
19. The output signal of the sensor is the sinusoidal signal with intermediate frequency. To sample and process this signal, a data collection circuit that centers on P89C51RD2 single chip is designed.
20. In the subsystem of the receiver, to get I Q two-channel digital signal, return signal was perpendicular sampled at Intermediate frequency.
21. This paper presents a simple and easy test method, the tuning method, which is based on the analysis of the test error of the intermediate frequency substitution method which is in common use.
22. This paper introduces an AFC algorithm for a zero - intermediate frequency direct - sequence spread spectrum digital receiver ...
23. We have ten main patent rights about SAWF, such as low-loss surface wave intermediate frequency filters and surface acoustic wave duplexer for wireless telephone.
24. Based on Gaussian random process model and continuous-time system in time domain , this paper analyzes the effect on baseband and intermediate frequency sampling due to clock jitter.
25. CSD still increased pseudo - random clock PRS, can have thereby fight function of intermediate frequency noise goodly.
26. Aiming at request of private mobile radio, technology requirement of base station receiver based on TETRA protocol is analyzed, and two intermediate frequency superheterodyne structure is selected.
27. A power harmonic suppressing method based on low voltage intermediate frequency inductive stove was introduced.
28. Having the property of good image rejection in broadband and low intermediate frequency (IF) cases, the image-rejected mixers (IRM) have been widely used in various MMW receivers.
29. ICNIA general signal processor mostly is the same with general digital process of intermediate frequency and baseband signal in ICNIA system, and has interface function with major control computer.
30. Finally we design and test the digital software and hardware system of the SDR. The final testing result proves that the intermediate frequency digital receiving set can meet the damands.
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