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Integer value in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2019-05-14Updated:2019-05-14
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1) This can take any integer value between 0 and 100.
2) Numbers up to the maximum integer value may be entered as a decimal constant without any loss of accuracy.
3) This tendency remains for small integer values of k, reducing as k increases in size.
4) Forcing x r to an integer value reduces the objective function by approximately for the down-problem and for the up-problem.
5) Converts a string to an integer value.
6) UDP port number is a positive integer value.
7) The APIs that set watch points return an integer value, which is the watch point number that was just set.
8) The entry_name_syntax is an integer value which specifies the syntax of the entry name.
9) Writes an integer value to initialization file.
10) Code that refers to intVal will use the integer value 42 directly, and accesses to strVal will use a relatively inexpensive "string constant" instruction instead of a field lookup.
11) An address is an integer value.
12) Converts a specified integer value to an enumeration member.
13) A concrete control which supports editing an integer value.
14) Please enter a valid integer value!
15) However,( value.html) remember that casting an integer value to a pointer value does not conform to the C language standard.
16) Reads an integer value from initialization file.
17) The string value is converted to an integer value by calling the outside function StringToNumber.
18) Determines integer value of the system property with the specified name.
19) Stores an integer value as part of a component.
20) The second an integer as a parameter. This integer value will be used as the Seed.
21) The key effectively defines a generic heading which contains an integer value for each possible component of a textual identifier.
22) For instance, if you have a %union declaration that includes both integer and pointer values, and you declare a token to use the pointer value, but your lexer fills in the integer value...
23) Writes the text representation of the specified 64 - bit unsigned integer value to the standard output stream.
24) Remark: Total amounts are shown rounded to the lower Integer value.
25) Implements a graphical display , such as a bar graph, of an integer value.
26) Writes the text representation of the specified 32 - bit unsigned integer value to the standard output stream.
27) If not there at that type, the function returns an integer value.
28) This is the process identifier ( PID ), which is a 32 - bit integer value.
29) The script "num" we defined earlier has the type Script because it is a function that when executed yields an integer value (in this case the integer 42).
30) A symbol is a resource identifier (ID) that consists of two parts: a text string (symbol name) mapped to an integer value (symbol value).
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