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Input impedance in a sentence

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Sentence count:54Posted:2022-09-16Updated:2022-09-16
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1. The input impedance also deteriorates at high frequencies.
2. This provides a relatively high input impedance looking into their bases and a low output impedance at the emitters.
3. Negative series-inserted feedback always raises the input impedance while negative shunt-inserted feedback reduces it.
4. At low-enough frequencies to satisfy, the input impedance is virtually which is becoming very large.
5. Its high input impedance means that it does not load a signal source which it copies at its output.
6. Also, the relationship between the input impedance and load impedance of the waveguide is discussed.
7. X1 probe : no attenuation, input impedance follow that of scope input impedance (usually 1 Mohm). This type of probe is seldom used because of heavy loading effect on circuit under test.
8. This thesis puts emphasis on studying input impedance and gain of the vertical loaded antenna, prediction techniques of radar cross section.
9. One of the main reasons is that the input impedance of the switching power supply matches with the output impedance of the power supply filter.
10. An ideal operational amplifier has infinite input impedance, infinite gain for the differential input signal, zero gain for the common-mode input signal, zero output impedance, and infinite bandwidth.
11. When using frequency sweep meter to measure the input impedance of antenna, the balanced- unbalanced transformer must be connected between coaxial transmission line and antenna.
12. It is found that the input impedance of DDC112 changes periodically during its AD conversion; and the changing impedance will influence the counting process of laser gyro if it is applied directly.
13. The input impedance and radiation patterns of the probe-fed cylindrically conformal microstrip antennas with a dielectric superstrate are analyzed based on a rigorous full-wave approach.
14. A formula of input impedance of a circular loop antenna in spherical cavity surrounding by conductive medium is obtained.
15. Input impedance of a network when the output is short - circuited, shorted or grounded.
16. A full-scale analysis of input impedance of the operational amplifier under the state of differential input is given here.
17. These figures show that the improvement of input impedance is within a factor of ten.
18. The term iterative impedance is applied to a load that renders the input impedance of an asymmetric section equal to it.
19. A perfect set of impedance equations for twin-T network is established and a design demonstration with specified input impedance is made.
20. A coaxial base - loaded antenna on finite ground and conductive step is analysed by hybrid method of MM/GTD. The current distribution and input impedance are calculated.
21. Combination of ladder approach method and equivalent circuit model of slot antenna had been used to analyze its input impedance. Finally, GTD had been used to calculate the radiation pattern.
22. The numerical results were obtained in a table by solving the combined equation of transmission line impedance transfer equation and terminal input impedance expression in gas capacitance.
23. In this paper, a simple and practical electrically small planar unipole antenna is presented, and the dependences of input impedance on dimension of the antenna and frequency are investigated.
24. But the Character of wall of the tube has little effect on the input impedance.
25. In this case the emitter resistor is 10K, and the typical gain of the 2SC1815 is 300, for an input impedance of 3M at the transistor base.
26. The formula for calculating layer winding capacitance is proposed by making the input impedance of the equivalent circuits equated and a method which can simplify the calculation processes is given.
27. The impedance matching network of changeable load and wide-belt is required because the input impedance of spiral antenna changes with frequency.
27. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
28. As the charge exerted from input voltage source is dependent on quantization error and input noise voltage to a large extent, the circuit has high signal input impedance.
29. Residual capacitor voltage can be measured with a source-measure unit (SMU), which must source voltage and then measure voltage with a high input impedance.
30. The device parameter as well as resonance frequency, mechanical quality factor and work band width were determined by the equivalent circuit input impedance admittance circle diagram.
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