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Infrared spectrum in a sentence

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Sentence count:79Posted:2023-10-16Updated:2023-10-16
Similar words: sound spectrumspread spectrumspectrumelectromagnetic spectrumspectrumsspectrum linemass spectrumline spectrumMeaning: n. the spectrum of infrared radiation. 
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1. The acylated reaction was confirmed by infrared spectrum.
2. Then which was discussed inhibition efficiency elementary by infrared spectrum and polarization curve.
3. The analysis of infrared spectrum and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy indicated that BO_4 tetrahedra substituted SiO_4 tetrahedra and was introduced into the dioctahedral structure of saponite.
4. Infrared spectrum analysis indicated that there were some combined forces between ketoconazole and excipients, maybe like hydrogen bond in moleculars or between moleculars and so on.
5. And through the infrared spectrum, the composition and structure of the product have been defined.
6. There are two basic vibration forms in the infrared spectrum of pyrophyllite.
7. By gas chromatography, infrared spectrum and GC - MS quantitative and qualitative analysis, cyclopentanol was con firmed as the purposive product and it was more than 99% in content after separation.
8. Recently , near infrared spectrum technology has been applied to tissue blood oxygen content measurement.
9. Moreover, the infrared spectrum confirms the formation of amide bond between ammonium sulfamate and carbon nanotubes.
10. Based on the experimental results of elementary analysis, infrared spectrum and 1H-NMR the aminolysis of copolymer was confirmed.
11. Lignin and P cresol react each other from Infrared spectrum of the coploymer.
12. The structure of the microspheres was analyzed using scanning electron microscopy, granulometer and infrared spectrum.
12. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
13. The six channel instantaneous optical pyrometer is used to measure the thermal radiation of the light source at six bands from visible to near infrared spectrum.
14. It was proved that the modified PVA has ortho-nitrogen radicals by molecular structure analysis through infrared spectrum.
15. Structure of the product is proved right through the measure of melting point, the element analysis and the infrared spectrum analysis.
16. The new compound's physicochemical properties were analyzed by using the ultraviolet spectrum, infrared spectrum, thermal analysis and changes of solubility in some organic solvents were performed.
17. The sulfonation degree and molecular weight of GCL1 was found increased as compared with that of original lignosulfonate by the method of infrared spectrum analysis and gel chromatography.
18. An aqueous polyurethane emulsion adhesive was prepared from epoxy resin, toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and dimethylol propionic acid (DMPA). The product structure was characterized by infrared spectrum.
19. The direct transmission technique is the most common method in measuring infrared spectrum of gemstone.
20. Objective:explore a scientism of the best condition to define the Aminophylline injection infrared spectrum to identification preparing disc in order to get satisfied infrared spectrum.
21. The constructs of raw material, intermediate and product are studied through infrared spectrum, the optimum synthesis processing conditions are obtained.
22. The quartz is studied using an electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), infrared spectrum (IR) and the electrical conductible degree of ore-bearing fluids.
23. An experimental study was made on the products of anode reaction in zinc manganese dioxide dry cells after different types of discharge using X-ray powder diffraction and infrared spectrum.
24. The conversion of dihydrosafrole in chloromethylation was 97.7% empolying compound A as phase transfer catalyst. The product was analysed by infrared spectrum.
25. The composite materials are characterized by polarizing microscope and infrared spectrum.
26. In this paper, the long term stability of porous media based phase-changing composites is investigated by means of fourier transformation infrared spectrum analysis (FTIR).
27. Studied through the polarizing microscope, discussed its growth mechanism and the laminated structure origin, also has discussed this coral infrared spectrum characteristic.
28. OBJECTIVE : To differentiate Chinese traditional medicine semen euryales with Fourier transformation infrared spectrum.
29. And although there is a great mass of similarity in infrared spectrum, the results still show differences in the characteristic peaks of infrared spectrum between unzymic and zymic Pu'er tee.
30. Data from physical and chemical tests, hemolytic test, ultraviolet spectrum and infrared spectrum analyses showed that the extracts were asterosaponin.
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