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In a sort in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2019-06-07Updated:2019-06-07
Similar words: of a sorta sound mind in a sound bodytortfeasora bull in a china shopnasoscopeas often asnasolabialas often as not
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1. Frogs' eggs are covered in a sort of transparent jelly.
2. In a sort of roundabout way, he was fishing for information about her habits, and attitude to boys.
3. He lay in a sort of mental haze until a feeling of restriction just below his buttocks penetrated his still slumbering state.
4. We lay the boy on a couch in a sort of majlis area toward the rear of the plane.
5. In a sort of aperture she saw a white baby hanging upside down from a nail of light.
6. A table for two had been set in a sort of bower beneath a canopy of spreading palms.
7. The intense zeal on both sides is culminating in a sort of end-of-the-century holy war.
7. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
8. Then her sad eyes met Morse's in a sort of distant, anonymous camaraderie: she smiled across, almost fully.
9. I suppose it's your business in a sort of way.
10. It marked out a race - course, in a sort of circle.
11. A burly blond - bearded Polish Jew in a sort of military cap makes himself the car captain.
12. They always leave it in a sort of state of uncertainty.
13. I now practise reciting it mechanically in a sort of chant.
14. Mr. Wolfshiem raised his hand in a sort of benediction.
15. The sisters, in a sort of crude seance, would ask questions of the spirit(, who would answer back with mysterious knocks or raps.
16. It's allowed me to live in a sort of never-ending fantasy world.
17. They went there in a sort of car.
18. A few minutes later he found himself alone in a sort of wainscoted cabinet of severe aspect, lighted by two wax candles, placed upon a table with a green cloth.
19. She is shrewd in a sort.
20. Joseph seemed sitting in a sort of elysium alone, beside a roaring fire; a quart of ale on the table near him, bristling with large pieces of toasted oatcake; and his black, short pipe in his mouth.
21. He led off with his companion in a sort of quick - step.
22. The Baguamiao gold deposit in a sort of mesothermal hypothermal carbonate type gold deposit.
23. I lay there for what seemed like an eternity and feeling in a sort of panic.
24. If two gardeners hit it off, they can go private through electronic messages in a sort of letter-writing setup.
25. Hardly daring to breathe, hardly daring to even think, she closed her eyes in a sort of helpless defeat.
26. I sit down here in the absolute silence with my reflection, in a sort of state of mystery.
27. In the past, they were often portrayed as at grips with civilization in a sort of duel of love.
28. Cabalist studies in the Hebrew scriptures developed in a theosophical mystique and sometimes in a sort of unintended religious magic.
29. As soon as Enjolras had seized his double-barrelled rifle, and had placed himself in a sort of embrasure which he had reserved for himself, all the rest held their peace.
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