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Header file in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2023-08-13Updated:2023-08-13
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(1) The header file defines function objects and function adapters.
(2) These two variables control header file scanning.
(3) Does not require any header file support.
(4) Therefore, the header file should include the prototype of the function and also a dummy function definition.
(5) Having a single header file used by the DLL builder and the executable builder makes maintenance much easier.
(6) In this header file, we will find declarations of our functions and constants.
(7) Save the header file.
(8) PPM Pixel Map Header File integrity of the source code can be used directly.
(9) Bitmap header file for DIB source code integrity, and can be used directly.
(10) Introduce the information of the header file - ELF and the process of running ELF file under LINUX.
(11) Class header file, scrolled to the start of the class declaration.
(12) Sets the name of the header file for the new object's class.
(13) Since these may be binary files or indexed files, the header file is created separately.
(14) When you develop executable source code files, you must include the DLL's header file.
(15) The first compilation - the one that creates the precompiled header file - takes a bit longer than subsequent compilations.
(16) Or, one of the compiler intrinsics was used without including its header file.
(17) DEVSTATE is an enumeration that I'm assuming you've declared elsewhere in your own header file.
(18) This option directs the compiler to store the debugging information in the precompiled header file.
(19) The first interesting part of the PPU code is the inclusion of the libspe.h header file, which contains all of the function declarations for running programs on the SPE.
(20) The code can, of course, reference functions and variables defined in the DLL's header file.
(21) By using the Properties window to define message- and event-handling functions(, you can automatically update the message-dispatch table (or message map) and your class header file.
(22) To make the initializer visible, we normally define such consts inside a header file.
(23) Maximum count value is based on the SEMVMX defined in the header file.
(24) If the text box is active, you can change the name of the header file.
(25) It is good to notice here that maximum count value is based on the SEM_VALUE_MAX defined in the header file semaphore.h.
(26) Generate both the definition and declaration of the class in the header file.
(27) All of your DLL's source code modules should include this header file.
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