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Hard disc in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2019-09-10Updated:2019-09-10
Similar words: hard diskhard disk drivehard done byhard driveslipped discherniated discdishonorable dischargedischargeMeaning: n. a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit. 
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1. Its other function is to take over your hard disc and encrypt all the file directories, rendering the disc unusable.
2. When the real Mac crashes and trashes your hard disc, you can take it out on the Smack-a-Mac!
3. The hard disc can then be formatted before all the files are restored.
4. A data storage unit, such as a hard disc drive, a flash memory set, and a CD/DVD ROM drive, is integrally mounted in the laptop station.
4. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
5. Please backup your important documents on a mobile hard disc drive.
6. Winchester disc: Fixed hard disc with extensive backing store capacity.
7. Hard disc: A magnetic disc made of metal and covered with a magnetic recording surface. It has higher storage capacity which may range from 10 to hundreds of megabytes.
8. How is a floppy disc different from a hard disc?
9. In a computer 15, a hard disc drive 17is allowed to be inserted into a housing 16or drawn out therefrom.
10. This paper describes the system structure of hard disc and the main functions, and then system protocl, data adding, OLE, inquiry, database security are discussed in detail.
11. But the computer must have a hard disc big enough to run the software.
12. Experts say on 12 October it will wipe out the hard disc of any machine it has entered.
13. Colin gave the wrong advice about getting floppy disc out when jammed and then I deleted the stuff off the hard disc.
14. You can increase your music collection considerably just by tuning to the radio stations of your preference and saving them to your hard disc while you listen to the radio.
15. Based on the performance test results, we found that an increase in resources along with increase in concurrent users causes an increase in the load on the hard disc.
16. In this case it's recorded on a DVD but it could be recorded onto a flash drive or hard disc as well.
17. Special music Juke Box function, play music files stored in hard disc directly.
18. The paper described how to use UNIX order to repair hard disc of SUN workstation in order to restore the system.
19. Once you have added videos, created menus, the complete movie can be burned to DVD or saved to hard disc.
20. The emery paper is applicable in the grinding and polishing of most work pieces including metal, metal alloy, ceramic, optical element, fiber connecter, hard disc and semiconductor, etc.
21. His computer was plagued with error messages until I replaced the hard disc drive.
22. Introduces the issues on application of CCTV system based on the MPEG-4 compression, SDH optical transmission and large capacity hard disc storage technologies in urban rail transportation.
23. OLEVIA Settop Box ZMT-621FTA does not include an external hard disk. 3.5", or capacity 160GB or above external hard disc with independent power supply is suggested."
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