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Great ape in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-03-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: beat a retreatgreatgreatlytreatablea great manygreatnessa great dealgreat rift valleyMeaning: n. any of the large anthropoid apes of the family Pongidae. 
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(1) Alone of the great apes, the gorilla is not very efficient at using tools.
(2) Scientists are divided about which of the great apes evolved first from the Proconsul line.
(3) This is a rare boost for the great ape.
(4) The earthquake hit the Great Ape House and Think Tank Exhibit during afternoon feeding time.
(5) The team, from Hayashibara Great Ape Research Institute in Okayama, Japan, lived and even slept in the same enclosures as the captive chimps, to ensure they would be there when they gave birth.
(6) The Great Ape Trust is a 230-acre campus that is home to a scientific research program that studies culture, language and inteligence.
(7) But orangutans are quite active, and the Great Ape Trust orangutans are no different.
(8) Science places Proconsul in the family Pongidae, to which belong the three species of today's great apes.
(9) The orang is by far the most arboreal of the great apes.
(10) The nearest common ancestor of man and the modern great apes died out about 30 million years ago.
(11) The two clusters evolved by duplication of an ancestral gene cluster before the divergence of the human and great ape lineages.
(12) Aronsen is a member of a Yale research team working at Mainaro. Support for this work is provided by the Great Ape Trust of Iowa and the L.S.B.
(13) The main argument for the desirability of high raw diets derives from comparison with our evolutionary diet and the diets of our great ape relatives.
(14) Teco was born on June 1, 2010 and is the first baby bonobo at Great Ape Trust.
(15) Sure, a run-in on the streets of Manhattan might stop your heart, but after Peter Jackson's extensive humanization of the great ape, he's just not all that scary any more.
(16) The nearly intact skull, which has a flat face, jaw and teeth, may belong to a previously unknown species of great ape, said Salvador Moya , the chief palaeontologist on the dig.
(17) When human infants are a year old, they favor place-based strategies like all the other great ape species do.
(18) If Borneo's forests are cleared for oil palm plantations then the endangered orangutan may become the first Great Ape to go extinct at the hands of humans.
(19) Nyota, the babysitting bonobo, has become especially close to his four-month-old baby cousin, Teco, according to the Great Ape Trust[sentencedict .com], which provided the below images.
(20) In contrast, the human and neandertal samples had significantly higher dental FA levels than any of the great ape samples.
(21) The new findings, he concludes, suggest "that the differences between humans and our great ape relatives aren't as marked as most people think.
(22) One of many reasons for its creation was to protect the gorillas from deadly Ebola epidemics that have wiped out other great ape populations in Central Africa.
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