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Glass fiber in a sentence

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Sentence count:75Posted:2020-02-09Updated:2020-02-09
Similar words: glass fibrefiber glassfiberglassglassfulfibreglassfiberdouglas firfiber-opticMeaning: n. a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light; used in bundles to transmit images. 
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1. Glass fiber and ribbon fiber is still being researched.
2. Flame Retardent laminate made from woven glass fiber material impregnated with epoxy resin.
3. The optical network uses either plastic, PCF or glass fiber - optic cables.
4. Mixing with liter polypropylene fiber and glass fiber, the behavior of cracks-resisting of is marked improved, and the cracks are controlled and smeller .
5. In this paper, the glass fiber and flexibilizer EPDM are added to PP through mechanical mixing, and the influences of the additives and their different contents on mechanical properties are studied.
6. Supply all kinds of carbon fiber and glass fiber prepreg.
7. Prewetting a glass fiber does not change its attraction to water.
8. Modern filter materials such as glass fiber multi-bonding formula are in obvious trend of replacing the cotton wood filter paper.
9. The fibers are glass fiber and core - spun yarn.
10. The glass fiber prepared by the invention has good electrical conductivity and therefore can be used as a conductive filler and an electric loss absorbent.
11. You can buy this large glass fiber tank to replace it.
12. Faraday effect in magneto-optic glass fiber and its application to all-fiber current transducer are studied in this thesis.
13. Bakelite products, phenolic glass fiber products, DMC, SMC product processing.
13. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
14. The mini Dewar is made of epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic added in Al film.
15. Fiber insulation layer structure, glass fiber loss , the wind, rusty easy for breeding bacteria.
16. A pretreatment process before the surface of the glass fiber is plated with tin and nickel mainly comprises the following steps of: deoiling, coarsening, sensibilizing, activating, and the like.
17. The sand inclusion glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe takes thermosetting resin as base body, take glass fibre and its products as reinforced material.
18. Kevlar pulp, glass fiber, potassium titanate whiskers and grammite are used as hybrid reinforcing fibers for the preparation of heavy-duty vehicles brake.
19. Mechanism of glass fiber toughened and reinforced PVC is also discussed.
20. Glass fiber is a mass of very fine strands of glass.
21. We specializes in producing glass fiber prepreg textile machine and so on.
22. The scrim layer may be a glass fiber or carbon fiber scrim, or veil, that has absorbed resin from the sheets of prepreg during a molding process.
23. Also provides geotextiles , filament fiber, glass fiber, cloth, such as latex.
24. The effect of technological parameters on the scattering loss of fluoroziconate glass fiber is studied.
25. The outer layer is made of synthesized resin and glass fiber or fabric and is light in wt.
26. A new type of porous sound absorbing material was made from - strength gypsum and glass fiber.
27. Adopting high - strength and high - modulus alkali - free glass fiber, it is knitted into loom.
28. The utility model discloses a glass-fiber conveying belt, wherein middle framework material is glass fiber cloth, and a polytetrafluoroethylene resin coating is arranged outside the glass fiber cloth.
29. The causes leading to the clogging of liquid air passages of a liquid air subcooler by silicon gel powder and glass fiber are analyzed. In addition, the measures to solve this problem are given.
30. Super-cooled metallic glass alloy melt is drawn into the metallic glass fiber of a certain diameter at a tremendous speed through a porous wire-drawing bushing.
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