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General conditions in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2019-11-10Updated:2019-11-10
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1. There is still some weakness in the legs, but her general condition is good.
2. Candidates must satisfy the general conditions for admission.
3. Even in relapse there will be times when the patient's general condition improves.
4. It has also been shown to increase mastitis and lameness and lower general condition.
5. We begin with an illustrative example and then develop the general condition.
6. The ramp is still heavily used despite it's small transitions and general condition.
7. This paper states sebacic acid industry producting general conditions in China. In emphasis, it introduces the industry technical development conditions.
8. The general conditions of development, structural characteristics and technical requirements in operation, inspection and repair of the 206 series bogies are described systematically.
9. Based on Helmholtz theorem, the general conditions that H is dependedent only on conductioncurrent are derived.
10. Moreover , it analyzes the general conditions[Sentence dictionary], characters and potential risks of power enterprises.
11. In general conditions, order can be chargeback within 10 days from the day when makes an order , excepting special contract. when you chargeback, you need send back the award.
12. The patients' general conditions improved obviously, neither hematological nor immunological examination changed obviously, nor complications such as esophageal perforation or hematorrhea.
13. This article introduces the general conditions of solanum nigrum in China.
14. The general conditions and layout character of the Chenzhou railway station in the Beijing-Guangzhou railway line are introduced.
15. Her friend described the general conditions of the company to her.
16. The characteristics, general conditions abroad, present state at home and the improvement research of heavy haul cars in our country are described.
17. General conditions: Both sides undertake to execute strictly all the terms and conditions of the contract.
18. Table 1. General conditions of the familial hypertriglyceridemia.
19. Under general conditions, a method for solving first integrals of the 3-rd order autonomous system is given based on the generators of two admitted single-parameter Lie groups.
20. General conditions of supersymmetry breaking for calculable theories are discussed, with emphasize on relation between supersymmetry and R-symmetry.
21. The general conditions, vaginal exfoliate cell were observed, the contents of neurotransmitter NE? DA and 5-HT in brain stem were detected by fluorospectrophotometry.
22. These General Conditions shall apply when the parties agree in writing or otherwise thereto.
23. Check items received and the general conditions of the packaging to be free from any defects.
24. After Adam Smith, David Ricardo replaced the absolute cost rule with the relative cost rule, as made the theory of free trade more adaptive to the general conditions and more universal.
25. For transports of materials in lump and powder as well as articles in general conditions.
26. We study the beam paths in uniaxial crystal with arbitarily oriented optical axis in general conditions, by it′s plane and ellipsoid of refraction index and Fresnel law.
27. The results show that the silica - gel is not suitable to a hygroscopic material in general conditions.
28. Wait until you see or if you prefer, until you think you see the turn of the market; the beginning of a reversal of general conditions.
29. Presented is another derivationufor intensity of Fraunhofers diffraction of a single slit under general conditions.
30. Oil is a non - polar substances , on the General conditions and not miscible with water.
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