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Gas pressure in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2017-11-02Updated:2017-11-02
Similar words: pressureacupressureair pressurelow pressurehigh-pressurehigh pressurepressure groupblood pressureMeaning: n. the pressure exerted by a gas. 
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(1) With great discretion, Laurence Evenden released the excess gas pressure in his duodenum.
(2) A large exhaust gas pressure implies that there is not much flow to the gas.
(3) Gas pressure of BF is used as the load on springs so that nitrogen sealed cave opening can automatically adjust itself, seals on the key spots of distributor are designed.
(4) Moreover, the gas pressure in ballast chamber is high enough that pure single gas can be realized by no strict material disposal and no bakeout.
(5) A precision pressure regulator maintains the carrier - gas pressure constant.
(6) Then the gas pressure builds up until the volcano erupts.
(7) The Raman conversion efficiency is increased at some gas pressure of the Raman media. The uniformity of the first Stokes output is also improved by the tapered waveguide.
(9) This paper states the comparision of gas pressure welding technique with the traditional bar mat joining technique, with each technique being analyzed in view of economics.
(10) To drive the turbopump unit, gas pressure was derived from a generator that used the main propellant components.
(11) The gas pressure eventually overcomes the force of solar gravity and the corona inevitably expands into space as the solar wind .
(12) Adjusting delay time and gas pressure can reduce the warpage of the part.
(13) The gas pressure is adjusted so as to balance the beam.
(14) The hot air temperature control, combustion-supporting air, gas pressure regulation and the regulation of air-gas combustion ratio in hot air stove system are mainly introduced.
(15) After relieving all the gas pressure the adjusting knob counter clockwise asas it will go.
(16) Gas pressure - drop of a rotating packed bed under counter current and co-current was investigated.
(17) The gas permeation power would be dependent on the gas pressure gradient and the gas expansion pressure would be dependent on the gas absolute pressure.
(18) In recent years, the Electron Cyclotron Resonance(ECR)plasma have been extensively used in microelectronics industry because of their high density and ionization degree with low gas pressure.
(19) Afterwards, the venting system automatically re - seals itself when the gas pressure level returns its normal rate.
(20) The plumbing system of an active volcano contains both heat and gas pressure.
(21) The flame normalizing treatments were put forward on steel rail with flash welding, gas pressure welding and aluminium heat welding.
(22) Influence of various factors, including microwave power, target voltage and gas pressure, on the plasma properties in diamond-like carbon(DLC) film growth was also discussed.
(23) The borehole must be drilled at correct place , and the gas pressure will be relieved.
(24) Armour-piercing projectile is subjected to the action of powder gas pressure and acceleration overload during launch in bore.
(25) The capacity of oil pressure relief and the conversion factor between oil pressure and gas pressure are measured.
(26) The of oil pressure relief and the conversion factor between pressure and gas pressure are measured.
(27) AlN films were prepared on hi alloy substrates by cathode sputtering, and the effect of gas pressure on crystal orientation and residual stress in AlN films was investigated by X-ray diffraction.
(28) The countercurrent mode has a simple scheme of pressure energy recovery, needing neither CO burner nor steam superheating devices, and about 98%of the flue gas pressure energy can be recovered.
(29) Finally, the treated beverage liquid, powered by the carbonic acid gas pressure, flows into the filling machine.
(30) Experimental results show that the fluctuation of tuned substrate self-bias was determined by discharge gas pressure, discharge power and tuning circuit parameters etc.
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