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Gas oil in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2019-07-04Updated:2019-07-04
Similar words: soilsubsoilsoiledmassasoittopsoilsoilingunsoiledsoillessMeaning: n. an oil formed through distillation of petroleum of intermediate boiling range and viscosity. 
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1. The smell of the gas oil lingered in the house.
2. The room is heated by gas/oil.
3. The product is separated by distillation gasoline and gas oil.
4. The coker gas oil was refined by benzyl alcohol extraction.
5. The treating process included naphtha absorption, light gas oil absorption and once through hydrogenation, etc.
6. The results for Alberta asphaltenes and Cold Lake gas oil are presented.
7. The light gas oil was cut into two parts, light fraction and heavy fr- action.
8. It was found that hydrogenated coker gas oil and coker gasoline were suitable for producing ethylene due to higher olefin yields, less coking and better economic efficiency.
9. The coking of big gas oil line is a ubiquitous problem.
10. Straight-run gas oil mixed with FCC LCO or coker gas oil was hydrotreated first and succeeded with hydrodewaxing directly.
11. Colour stability of coker gas oil has been improved by DMF extraction.
12. MHUG process has a good adaptability to inferior gas oil.
13. A coking gas oil was treated by clay refining processs in laboratory.
14. Tu Do not go too light gas oil wax the floors should be used at night naturally air-dry .
15. Californian virgin gas oil was cut into light and heavy gas oil fractions ( 204 360,360 482 ).
16. In this way[], the vacuum gas oil or spindle oil and the lubricating bases are separated by means of lateral extractions while an asphaltic component or fuel oil is separated at the base.
17. The results can be used to simulate or predict the product distribution and operation character for cracking furnace of light gas oil in an ethylene plant.
18. The effects of catalyst composition and properties on yield distribution of catalytic cracking of coker gas oil containing feedstocks were studied.
19. The comparison with conventional method, gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry(GCMS), illustrated the obvious advantages of the method for heavy gas oil analysis.
20. The experimental results show that the conversion of vacuum gas oil(VGO), deasphalted oil(DAO), atmospheric resid(AR), mixed oil and topped light slurry are 74.
21. Advances in the technologies and catalysts for heavy distillates and gas oil hydrotreatment were reviewed.
22. The results show that thiophene can inhibit effectively the coking of light gas oil in promoting pyrolysis of light gas oil and increase the olefine yields.
23. The forage protein unit in Schwedt produces protein as animalfeed from light gas oil.
24. The petroleum solution is a colloidal dispersion in which the asphaltene comprises the micellar nucleus[], the resin forms the solvation layer and the remaining gas oil acts as the dispersing medium.
25. Itis recommended that the raffinate from fur furfural extraction of coker gas oil will be a good FCC feedstock.
26. The inhibitor for coke formaation in the Pyrolysis of light gas oil is studied using a set of continuous tube reactors.
27. The effects of HZSM 5 zeolite ion exchanged by transition metals on catalytic pyrolysis reaction and the yields of ethylene and propylene using light gas oil feedstock were studied.
28. The API gravity of stock - tank oil and the producing gas oil ratio are routinely determined.
29. This method provided technical support for characterization of heavy gas oil and the investigation of hydrogenation mechanism of polycyclic aromatic compounds.
30. The product is separated by distillation into gasoline and gas oil.
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