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Gas jet in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2022-10-29Updated:2022-10-29
Similar words: thomas jeffersonmasjidjetjetsjethjettyjetterramjetMeaning: n. burner such that combustible gas issues from a nozzle to form a steady flame. 
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(1) I think the gas jet must be blocked, because the oven won't light.
(2) Put a match to the gas jet to light the gas.
(3) As he turned out the gas jet he whistled to himself.
(4) The intense heat of being held over a gas jet will cause immediate and permanent discolouring.
(5) I had turned out the gas jet and did not have a match with which to relight it.
(6) Noncondensing gas jet in liquid is a complicated phenomenon.
(7) The gas jet in the oven might be jammed. It won't light.
(8) The central fuel gas jet pipe is inserted in the cavity of the burning nozzle main body.
(9) Hanging conspicuously to the gas jet by a string was a folded paper. John seized it.
(10) You left the gas jet on again. One of these days we'll all be blown to kingdom come.
(11) Numerical simulation of gas jet is the hot topic and important means for research of rocket - missile at all times.
(12) In fact[], a gas jet of the time gave off about as much light as a 25 watt incandescent bulb does today.
(13) I went into my dark little room and turned on the gas jet.
(14) I was led down the dark hallway to a room in which a gas jet was burning.
(15) High-speed camera is used to record the expansion process of the gas jet.
(16) This method is robust, and it offers a new means for numerical study of gas jet.
(17) The launch was delayed by one week after JAXA said it had discovered a problem with the gas jet thruster for its launch rocket.
(18) It is put forward an improvement method that a laser ion source and multilayer target combining with gas jet transport method can be used on on-line isotope separator.
(19) A mixing space is formed between the ejector nozzle of the central fuel gas jet pipe and the outlet of the burning nozzle main body.
(20) C/SiC thermal protection scheme works well up to flight mach number not exceeding 8, and only gas jet thermal protection scheme can protect strut leading edge from destruction up to Mach 8 and higher.
(21) The effect of combustion chamber shape on the mixing process of an impinging gas jet is studied.
(22) A method of numerical analysis was applied to study the wave system existing in near rocket gas field and the initial shock wave of high-unexpanded gas jet flow.
(23) Nonlinar acoustics is applied on impulsive noise in firing - gas jet field of rocket.
(24) Electrodiffusion technique was employed to investigate a particular heat transfer phenomenon of foreign gas jet impingement on minute heat source in liquid bath.
(25) The diameter of jet pipe, injection velocity, air flow velocity and the throttle opening had fundamental effects on the diffusion of the natural gas jet.
(26) A new method of heat transfer augmentation with foreign gas jet impingement has recorded very high heat flux even in the case of "negative temperature difference".
(27) Through the experimental analysis on the synchronous signal of audio and video of the premixed gas jet flame, the characteristic of the flame is studied.
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