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Function definition in a sentence

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1. The function definition takes one input parameter.
2. An old-style function definition contains variable arguments.
3. The two formulations of the initial function definition are compared and the relation between section function and initial function is discussed.
4. Source file containing the function definition,( ) scrolled to the start of the function definition.
5. Find the line that contains the undecorated function definition in the resulting listing.
6. The semicolon is an or operator between each function definition.
7. A function definition specifies four elements: the return type, the function name, a (possibly empty) parameter list enclosed in parentheses , and the function body.
8. We give the commutative of compound function definition and prove the existence of common fixed points of a function sequence.
9. The first line of a function definition, also known as the method signature, begins with def (shorthand for define).
10. In the function invocation, the order of parameters passed in corresponds to the the order of xsl:params in the function definition.
11. Therefore(, the header file should include the prototype of the function and also a dummy function definition.
12. Known as lambda calculus, it was designed to investigate the function definition and application, as well as the concept of recursion.
13. Closures are functions that reference variables from the scope enclosing the function definition.
14. OUTPUT: Data types of result returned from this 4GL function; must have one-to-one correspondence from left to right, and must match the count of arguments, as in the function definition.
15. Scala regards a method with the equals sign before the body as a function definition and a function always returns a value in functional programming.
16. This is standard practice nowadays and helps the compiler to detect type mismatches between function definition/declaration and function usage.
17. Variables to be imported from the outside environment are specified in the use clause of the closure function definition.
18. INPUT: Data types of the input arguments to this 4GL function; must have one-to-one correspondence from left to right, and must match the count of arguments, as in the function definition.
19. By default, they are passed by value, meaning that if we would update the value passed within the closure function definition, it would not update the outside value.
20. You can do this by using two input parameters in the function definition, as shown in Listing 3.
21. This paper gave a simple computing rule for the derivative of exponential power functions and discussed the changes of function definition domain caused by logarithm derivation.
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