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Forward rate in a sentence

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1. The forward rates quoted by banks in the foreign exchange market stand either at a premium or discount in relation to the spot rate.
2. The forward rate may not be equal to the expected future spot rate.
3. This assumption implies that the forward rate is an unbiased predictor of the future spot rate.
4. What is the relationship between today's forward rate and the future spot rate?
5. What is the forward rate for the pound?
6. So spot rate is for immediate delivery and forward rate is for delivery later.
7. The forward rate is the rate quoted for the delivery of foreign currency at a predetermined future date.
8. One of them is the forward rate and the other one is inflation indexed interest rates.
9. If the forward rate is on the same level as the spot rate[], they are known as at par.
10. The forward rate of a currency is at a "premium" or at a "discount" in terms of another.
11. Forward rates I wrote a survey article years ago about the term structure of interest rates and I wanted to find out who was the originator of the term "forward rate."
12. It says that the forward rate, which you can compute from today's newspaper or from today's website--you can compute the forward rates for all future dates.
13. Forward rate fixed price and risk management, in the new exchange rate forms under the mechanism to become day by day the important question.
14. Forward rate dynamics are modeled as sum of a drift and a random field, which is a solution to a wave-typed stochastic partial differential equation.
15. The introduction of the interbank Forward Rate Agreement(FRA)has further diversified the trading tools available to market players while improving the efficiency and stability of the financial system.
16. but I think it's motivational, and so I said, are you sure that J.R. Hicks invented the term "forward rate"?
17. Forward Rate The amount that a currency, commodity, or some other asset will cost to deliver sometime in the future.
18. If the spot yield is the average return, then the forward rate can be interpreted as the marginal return.
18. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
19. The relationship between the par yields, spot yields and forward rates is given in the following table.
20. In contrast, a standard forward exchange agreement or FXA is based on the difference between the forward rate on the start date of the contract and the spot rate at settlement.
21. This paper introduces a method that even if we don't know "quotation method" and "premium" or "discount", we also can count forward rate.
22. A forex swap involves the exchange of currencies between two parties at a spot rate, and agreeing to reverse the transaction at a later date, based on the forward rate.
23. I asked my graduate student research assistant to research the whole literature and find out where did the word forward rate come from.
24. The hypothetical amount on which interest payments are based in products such as interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements, caps and floors.
25. That is to say, estimation of the FX rate in the future by spot rate has a better effect than that by forward rate.
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