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Fault current in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2021-03-31Updated:2021-03-31
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1. It is essential to distinguish excitation inrush from fault current in transformer differential protection.
2. A fault current limiter offers an alternative in such case.
3. The study results reveal shown that the ground fault current will increase with the number of main transformer with neutral to be solidly grounded.
4. A control system of the initial fault current angle in shortcircuit test is proposed.
5. Based on the advantage of the solid-switch, many fault current limiters' with solid-state switch have been proposed.
6. A novel rectifier type high temperature superconducting fault current limiter for a three-phase power system was developed in the paper.
7. In some special fault case, fault current through ACF sub-bank is different a little from normal load current.
8. In this paper, SSMES with fault current limiting function for substation applications is proposed.
9. The superconducting fault current limiter with a diode bridge has the salient advantages.
10. So distinguishing between magnetizing inrush current and fault current correctly is the key to ensure transformer differential relay to operate credibly.
11. Due to the small fault current, unobvious fault features, the complex fault circumstances and the various system run mode, the problem of fault line detection hasn't been well settled.
12. The HF harmonics of fault voltage are more serious than those of fault current under the same fault condition.
13. An idea is to put a resistor in series with the superconducting coil for absorbing the incoming energy into the coil, in order to control the fault current in a pre-set region.
14. The application of superconductors in electric cable, transformer, motor, fault current limiter and energy storage will bring forth a new phase of development of the electric power technology.
15. In a drive system of power transistor inverter-motor, not only can it be used in fine control of motor current waveform, phase, amplitude and frequency, but can also be used to sense, fault current.
16. The integrated configuration of SMES-CL is given, and its operating principles including the steady compensation principle and the fault current limiting principle are also analyzed.
17. Large number of loop operation, especially the electromagnetic loop operation, has made the fault current excess the switch capacity.
18. Flexible AC transmission system devices can tune power flow up or down, and superconducting valves called fault current limiters could enable circuit breakers to disconnect lines in a safer way.
19. If a fault occurs, the fuse ruptures diverting all the fault current through the trip coil , tripping the breaker.
20. To correct this problem at the distribution level , a fault current limiter ( FCL ) can be used.
21. The actual need of power system and the advancement of modern technologies greatly promote the development of fault current limiting technology, with some new topologies appearing continuously.
22. The luminaires have a connection chamber for electrical supply, which can be equipped individually with sockets, fault current circuit breakers and line circuit breakers.
23. In the paper presented a new algorithm using the relative analysis and the fuzzy maths to identify the fault current and inrush current of power transformer.
24. Operational curve is an effective tool used to calculate fault current at anytime.
25. The earth type of power net determined the insulation level, power reliability and human safety and also effects the fault current of single phase earthing and the protection case.
26. A new method of fast discrimination between transformer inrush current and internal fault current based on the half-cycle moving and comparison method is presented.
27. A model of trigonometric function with the amplitude increasing with the time was proposed to simulate the progressive fault current in a transformer progressive short circuit failure.
28. Existing earth fault protection in non solidly earthed network are not satisfactory in practical application due to the nature of weak fault current and unstable arc.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. When connecting sources to switching cards, install protective devices to limit fault current and voltage to the card.
30. The aim of grounding is to provide the discharging channels for fault current and lightning current and ensure the safety of the system, the equipment and the personnel.
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