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False claim in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2019-11-07Updated:2019-11-07
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1. They diddled their insurance company by making a false claim.
2. The company had made false claims about its products.
3. Some of the more disreputable newspapers made false claims about her private life.
4. Clients often make false claims of cold-calling; sometimes so they might avoid paying for the shares they bought.
5. He had also threatened to make false claims of homosexual advances.
6. Editors also object to overblown or false claims.
7. But what if she genuinely believed in the false claim?
8. And to any website that made that false claim that doesn't either want to apologize, pony up your source, or put your money where your mouth is, I say this...I will never grant an interview with you.
9. False claim, misappropriation and the random budget adjustment are the three major issues we should pay more attention to in the budget management of the administrative units.
10. The new site was temporarily shuttered after it's false claim of affiliation with AshleyMadison. That's how serious the lady biz is.
11. The IPCC said it would investigate the false claim and could withdraw it.
12. Let's start with the false claim that illegal immigrants will get health insurance under reform.
13. Ratzinger said many scholars make the "false claim" that they have found exact scientific methods for showing how the traditions about Jesus developed.
14. "This is a false claim, " said Verne Harris, acting chief executive of the Johannesburg-based Nelson Mandela Foundation.
15. "Let's start with the false claim that illegal immigrants will get health insurance under reform, " said the president.
16. As a result, the false claim about the Himalayan glaciers has taken on considerable symbolic significance.
17. Someone who is moving from an interesting but false claim to a true but vacuous claim.
18. Why does not the Prime Minister address those issues of life and death instead of parading false claims about his Government?
19. The suit was filed under a provision of the False Claims Act that allows individuals to sue companies defrauding the government.
20. This was long before Eastern Airlines fired him for moral turpitude and for making false claims about a medical background.
21. Insurance companies started hiring him to find stolen goods and investigate false claims.
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22. Many asked for more clearly presented and detailed information with less false claims.
23. The West accuses China ofconducting new colonialism in Africa, but it actually is a false claim not consistent with the reality.
24. In many regions, cults still attract large followings with the false claim that believing in Jesus will bring quick prosperity and health.
25. I don't promote Imperialism of any nation, and it is a false claim to say that America is the main imperialist of today's globe.
26. Su's novel is about a Chinese Communist Party official who's expelled and exiled with his son after his false claim that he's the offspring of a revolutionary martyr is exposed.
27. Here it is:"As we've said from the beginning, it's sad that someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim.
28. The claim of ending world hunger with GM food is a false claim.
29. And Agriculture Minister Gianni Alemanno said even if eateries did flaunt Italian roots, it was often a false claim.
30. This paper analyzed the reason and current situation of false claim and skimming of ship load dangerous cargo containers. Then proposed the corresponding counter measure against this phenomenon.
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