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Export control in a sentence

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(1) The laxity of export control authorities has made a significant contribution to the problem.
(2) The Leahy-Goodlatte Bills proposed easing export controls on encryption software to satisfy industry and civil libertarians.
(3) Ministers will make the concession during the consultation period that follows last week's publication of the arms exports controls bill.
(4) McGuire pleaded guilty to violating the federal Arms Export Control Act, conspiring to destroy military helicopters and aiding foreign insurgence.
(5) All export controls of armaments and all our customers are subject to the most rigorous control and scrutiny, as she knows.
(6) But the US Government's strict export control has forestalled normal business with China.
(7) Article 6 A temporary export control system shall be adopted for the commodities as listed in the Catalogue of Commodities Subject to Control.
(8) Zhou Baogen, "Economic Analysis of Nuclear Export Control Policy:A Comparative Case Study of West Germany and US, " Chinese Journal of European Studies, No. 1, 2007. pp. 74-86.
(9) If changes to the export control lists are not incorporated in a timely fashion, it may cause delays in IBM's Integrated Supply Chain processes.
(10) The Paris-based Coordinating Committee for Export Control was then established to strictly restrict high-tech exports to China.
(11) Third, we are revising the non-proliferation export control regulations and their control lists to keep up with changed circumstances.
(12) The export control policy is one of economic methods that U. S. A guarantees its national security and achieves its foreign policy objectives.
(13) The United States has adopted discriminatory export control policies towards China for many years.
(14) The US juristic framework of export control mainly has two sectio :munitio and dual-use items.
(15) Long-term implementation in high-tech aspects of U. S. export control policy is considered to be "Cold War" mentality of the product.
(16) Fifth, we are actively engaging relevant multilateral export control regimes.
(17) Non-proliferation export control policies are in order to prevent weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery for the spread of export control policy.
(18) Stepping up ephedrine import - export control.
(19) The principles, scopes and practices of our export control are basically identical to international standards.
(20) Since coming into office, the Clinton administration has removed export controls on most computers and telecommunications equipment.
(21) No entity or individual may, without permission, export any of the dual-purpose biological products and affiliated equipments and technologies as mentioned in the List of Export Control.
(22) Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in export control violations, subversive or terrorist activities, or any other unlawful purpose?
(23) When my dad graduated, he went to work in a corporation and worked his way up from salesman, to sales manager, to export control manager.
(24) We hope that Germany will urge the EU to relax export control and increase the share of high- and new-tech products in its trade with China.
(25) In recent years, China has made fruitful efforts to strengthen its export control.
(26) In the future, the Chinese Government will further strengthen its efforts to publicize and implement relevant export control regulations with an aim to enforce them comprehensively and effectively.
(27) Multiple applications had to be updated each month to incorporate the U.S. government's export control lists' to their localized copies.
(28) In the meantime, China will work with all other countries to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of non-proliferation and export control.
(29) EVS's service-based reusability decreases the cost associated with the development and maintenance of building redundant export control functions for multiple applications.
(30) Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in export control violations, destructive or terrorist activities or any illegal purpose?
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