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Expenses account in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2021-10-11Updated:2021-10-11
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1. He put Elizabeth's motel bill and airfare on his expense account.
2. I can put this lunch on my expense account.
3. I have an expense account and spend about £10,000 a year on entertaining.
4. Whenever he buys petrol, he puts it on his expense account.
5. Put the cost of the meal on your expenses account.
6. Put the cost of the train fare on your expense account.
7. Well, it's all on the expense account: insurance.
8. Next comes the interest expense account.
9. There were discrepancies in the expense accounts.
10. See if you can put it on an expense account.
11. They will hit the top earner, the energy-guzzler, the expense account holder(sentence dictionary), harder than anyone.
12. The bull grew fat on his salary and expense account, but his performance was disappointing to say the least.
13. Motor cycles and scooters, clothes, records, and football expenses accounted fur most of the new disposable income.
14. Things have also changed for the employee who receives an expense account.
15. The benefits considered least important were the amount of holiday and an expense account.
16. This was before I had the clips that translated into expense accounts and hotels like the Shangri-la or the Mandarin.
17. You gain a whole new sense of financial responsibility the moment you leave the corporate expense account behind.
18. Going Upscale For lunch-goers with an expense account, two classic hotel restaurants offer lavish possibilities.
19. So they can come with time off work and probably on an expense account, even to a far-flung location.
20. Stop fiddling your expenses account.
21. Solid and effective expenses account management is conducive to the realization of the change from hospital-centered health care to the patient-centered.
22. Jet fuel expenses account for a large proportion in the total cost for airline companies. Fuel cost directly influences a company's ability to make a profit.
23. Long-term prepaid expenses account? I see. Is the interest income from bank deposits also accounted for in that account?
24. The medical expenses account management is to ensure the successful completion of the hospital income plan and is the key financial measure to prevent hospital loss.
25. This is important as interest expenses account for a significant proportion of the Group's total expenses.
26. With the implementation of reforming and opening, the proportion that administrative expenses account for China's financial expenditure is constantly rising year after year.
27. The expenses are accounted for in the long-term prepaid expenses account.
28. In the article, the author suggests that we should cancel the financial expenses account, and adopt interest expense and interest income account according to inter.
29. The approval procedure is that the employees present the approved expenses account to financial dpt to check, then pay it after approval by financial...
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