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Exit point in a sentence

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1) Don't forget to include a window, entrance and exit points and a door to the rear storage area.
2) Entrance and exit point are usually separate.
3) A suitable exit point is at School Brae to reach Gamekeepers Road.
4) The features would bring on reassembling in tunnel exit point, which would greatly impact the performance of tunnel packets forwarding.
5) When leaving, the driver would pay at an exit point according to how much time was spent in the lot as determined from the stub.
6) Each team selects their own exit point.
7) You can also find Entry Point or Exit Point options in the Add UML context menu.
8) Each phase has its exit point, which should be evaluated according to predefined exit criteria.
9) Complete all objectives and head for the exit point.
10) Exit point of Java functions can not be probed, thus it can not retrieve the return value of a function.
11) The most basic technique for establishing an appropriate exit point is the trailing-stop technique.
12) What about mental stops - deciding on your exit point and then watching the market?
13) Courses are taught in three-week modules[], and every course has at least three entry points and three exit points each year.
14) Tracing of exit/return value of a function is possible by applying trace hook at exit point and specifying function prototype.
15) After his teammates join him, they will pull down the ropes to use for the next stage—leaving no way out but to rappel, climb, boulder, and swim to the exit point near the canyon's bottom.
16) Tracing of the exit/return value of a function is possible by applying a trace hook at an exit point and specifying the function prototype.
17) Create a call trace report that lists timing information for each entry and exit point to your application's functions and each call to other functions by your function.
18) Thus the difficulties of discontinuous velocity gradient and the stress singularity at the exit point are avoided,[ point.html] and the expense of computation is reduced.
19) Now, the only problem left is to determine the texture coordinates at the exit point.
20) The primary objective of the suspects is to grab a suitcase that will spawn in a random location within the level. They must carry it to an exit point within an allotted amount of time.
21) Veteran guide John Robens (at far left) leads a soggy team through a moss-covered passage in Claustral Canyon, a few hours' hike from their exit point.
22) Since a procedure in a high-level language has a single entry and a single exit point, it is common for a CFG to have a unique entry and exit node as well.
23) YUNNAN PROVINCE, in southwestern China, has long been the exit point for Chinese who yearn for a new life outside the country.
24) A group of instructions that can is repeated endlessly, there being no exit point.
25) Conclusion The superior lateral quadrant was the safe area of the cervical lateral mass screw. The safe exit point was the juncture between the transverse process and the facet.
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