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Error correction code in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2019-10-03Updated:2019-10-03
Similar words: error correctioncorrection of errorscorrectioncorrectionscorrectionalcorrective actionscorrectional institutionincorrectMeaning: n. (telecommunication) a coding system that incorporates extra parity bits in order to detect errors. 
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1. Being Forward Error Correction Code, convolutional code has been widely applied in GSM and N-CDMA.
2. Real-time transport with dynamic error correction code utilizes error correction methods that vary with current packet loss rate and packet error rate of network.
3. Memory errors that may include parity or Error Correction Code (ECC) problems.
4. By utilizing error correction code, the robustness of robust watermark is improved.
5. A Linear Error Correction Code (LECC) algorithm is presented to resolve low-speed and low-reliability flaw problem in data transmission of backup and recovery.
6. By numerical simulation, the effect of quantum error correction code on BB84 protocol is analyzed in the case of the efficiency of transmission rate.
7. Introduce the ECC(Error Correction Code) into the field of information hiding in binary images.
8. By using SP algorithm and error correction code technology, a combating burst error and large capacity data hiding method for secret transmission was proposed based on images.
9. It uses error correction code and sort processing technique, which enhance the robustness and advance detection method.
10. Data was recovered using error correction code on device %1.
11. This thesis presents a test response compaction and diagnosis technique based on BCH error correction code.
12. You can detect the presence of back blocks from a failed flash operation (such as an Erase) or an invalid Write operation (discovered through an invalid Error Correction Code, or ECC).
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. Secondly, we studied the Error Control technology of CDPD. We put the emphasis on the performance, design and implement of Error Correction Code, RS code.
14. A sector includes user data and overhead data, such as an Error Correction Code (ECC) that has been calculated from the user data of the sector.
15. In this paper we propose a new attack strategy to eavesdrop the initially transmitted information based on the techniques of quantum error correction code (QECC).
16. Low density parity check (LDPC) code, which is a special case of error correction code with sparse parity-check matrix, has the performance very close to the Shannon Limit.
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