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Electromotive force in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-01-30Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: electromotiveelectromagnetic forceelectronegativepromotiveelectromagnetic spectrumelectromagnetelectromyogramelectromagneticMeaning: n. the rate at which energy is drawn from a source that produces a flow of electricity in a circuit; expressed in volts. 
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1. The letter E is commonly used for electromotive force.
2. Several conversion examples, from induced electromotive force through central-loop TEM2.5-D forward program to apparent resistivity, illustrate the feasibleness of inverse spline method.
3. In the Hall effect, Hall electromotive force is not only related to the current density, magnetic field and the distance of the poles, but also to Hall coefficient directly.
4. A new method of measuring the electromotive force of reversible cells using MOS intergrated circuit is presented.
5. Current . electromotive force. or power supplied to an electric circuit. network . or device.
6. At first, the electromotive force of the thermocouple comprised of the titanium alloy TA15 and constantan was obtained by the comparison method, and verified by experiments.
7. On this basis, back electromotive force without load and with load is researched, simulated and analyzed, and cogging torque is analyzed and calculated in different dimensions of magnetic steel.
8. When the impacting object is impacted, an electromotive force is generated by the vibrating of the piezoelectric element.
9. Commonly used than torque than the electromotive force, such that the magnification factor.
10. The DC electromotive force output by AC generator can have quite big pulsating voltage.
11. The electromotive force between the two poles of this battery is 3.6 v.
12. Any such device is called a seat of electromotive force.
13. The induced electromotive force at the secondary coil can be got by changing the flux of the primary coil.
14. This paper presents translating and rotating motional electromotive force of non - straight wire in uniform magnetic field.
15. It is electromotive force that drives electrons through the circuit.
16. This field force is called magnetomotive force ( mmf ), and is very much analogous to electromotive force ( E ) in an electric circuit.
17. The article introduces simple method of estimation on induction electromotive force in linear generators is introduced.
18. The article discusses to improve on circuit structure so as to observe the self-inductive phenomenon better and understand the direction of self-inductance electromotive force completely.
19. This paper analyzes the forming process of unloading voltage and the relations among unloading voltage, phase electromotive force, exciting current and rotational speed in art alternator.
20. The utility model comprises a SCM provided with A/D convertor and 3 rotor magnet steel position sensor signals taken from the counter electromotive force of the motor rotor winding.
21. Manual disposal of the experimental data of the thermodynamic function measured with electromotive force can hardly achieve a satisfactory result.
22. This new SMO can decrease the high frequency ripple of the back EMF (Induced Electromotive Force), has the advantage of no phase delay, and can simplify the structure of the SMO.
23. The process of cooperative teaching on physics and chemistry experiment, which measuring the electromotive force and internal resistance using the primary cell produced by fruit, is expatiated.
24. The force that causes electrons to move around a circuit is called electromotive force.
25. When the rotor, and hence the magnetic field, rotates, the armature coil cuts the magnetic-curves and produces electromotive force.
26. The change of the flux that crosses coil made inductive electromotive force arises in coil.
27. A circuit element , typically a conducting coil, in which electromotive force is generated by induction.
28. A circuit element , typically a conducting coil, in which electromotive force is generated by electromagnetic induction.
28. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
29. In addition, the method of analyzing armature effect and the motion electromotive force is also discussed.
30. The model test tried on this system did not use the tachometer generator but used rotor electromotive force instead to form the speed negative feed-back system.
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