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Electric machine in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2020-11-10Updated:2020-11-10
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1. Noise level was about average for an electric machine, certainly quieter than petrol-driven models.
2. The slip clutch electric machine, its type is .
3. An electric machine is a kind of machine that is run with electricity.
4. Machine computer control cabinet, electric machine, pulse power supply for integrated control.
5. It is made up of decelerated electric machine , wheel, chain belt, ball pivot, and base seat.
6. The paper describes the system of electric machine CAD, and a good example in point is YZR_2 series electricmachine. The application of CAD is introduced development new product.
7. Drove by electric machine, soft start and stop, stabilization , less impaction.
8. The same electric machine drives the running and moving water pipes of the dishware.
9. Beijing Sino - Thai Albert Electric Machine Factory is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and the adjacent Sihuan.
10. Familiar with electric machine process, material, component sourcing, and quality control.
11. That electricity from a Leyden jar or an electric machine would cause the legs of a dead frog to move.
12. The automation and precision of design of electric machine can be completed by design synthesis.
13. Brush less DC motor is a new-model electric machine emerging rapidly in recent years. It is to widely used in industry , agriculture military affair and so on .
14. This text from main electric machine, disport -act box, spiral canister and pole, timing organ, material enter ora and so on analysed the reasons lead common errors and gave solve method.
15. Familiar with electric machine industry, experience with sales and engineering of insulation material is a plus.
16. Secondly, parameters of electric machine are research foundation of operating characteristics, in order to acquire the parameters of ASCPM correctly,[Sentence dictionary] magnetic analysis about ASCPM is done.
17. An electric machine with new structure and new principle is introduced and one blank in linear machine area of our country is filled.
18. The electric machine analogue design is new method of rapid calculation in the similitude of cad.
19. This paper aims at the analysis of the operating modes at the two special working points:the no load point and the zero power loading point, during testing the synchronous electric machine.
20. The results are helpful for optimization design of rotor cooling ducts and run security electric machine.
21. Each screw shaft is splined . It is combined directly with flexible coupling between reducing electric machine and conveyor shaft.
22. The application of MATLAB language used in CAD of electric machine was discussed.
23. Finally auxiliary measures are introduced here to lower the noise of the electric machine.
24. Accurate calculation of leakage reactance is key to design of electric machine.
25. That means, they can be used for making many kinds of manufacturing such as brake disk, bearing, gear , piston, flanged shaft, electric machine end bracket and so on.
26. The automatic drawing and display are primary problems to solve for electric machine CAD.
27. Analysis and experiment show that the static torque of hybrid magnetic circuit multi couple electric machine is much higher than that of the hybrid stepping motor of the same volume.
28. The experiment results proved that this kind of brush accorded with the electric machine demands.
29. This kind of high voltage generator can be connected directly to power system without transformer, it is a technical revolution in the history of electric machine.
30. The utility model relates to a toy plane which is composed of a plane body, wings, an empennage, an electric machine, batteries, propellers, a driving device, direction wheels, etc.
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