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Eddy current in a sentence

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Sentence count:82Posted:2018-05-14Updated:2018-05-14
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1 Please engage the eddy current brake.
2 The cross correlator which realises intelligent eddy current inspection system can effectively restrain the interruptive signal and has high defects detecting ability and reliable inspection.
3 Resistance simulation control electricity eddy current system, make the revolving speed and braking moment relation accord with the condition of correspond speed and resistance relation.
4 Pulsed eddy current testing technique received recognition and application in aviation industry.
5 The probe comprises an eddy current coil and a support means for carrying the coil in an orientation suitable for introducing eddy currents into material directly beneath a raised-head fastener.
6 We can solve the inconvenience in eddy current flaw detector such as detection of circular workpiece, pipe thread and so on.
7 An eddy current probe adapted for detecting cracks in material directly beneath a raised-head fastener is disclosed.
8 Procedure: annealed, eddy current detection, alignment, rounded, hydrostatic testing, pickling,[] product inspection.
9 It is shown that lift-off of the eddy current sensor relative to the part under evaluation induces similar straight lines in the normalized impedance plane by computation.
10 Defect reconstruction of remote field eddy current belonged to electromagnetic inverse problem.
11 Considering the eddy current and hysteresis effect in the hysteresis ring, overall simulation was performed.
12 A method for analysis of rotor negative sequence eddy current field were presented by using the complex surface impedance concept.
13 Malleable cast ironware produces hysteresis and eddy current loss under alternating current in transmission ! line .
14 The development and applications of eddy current testing in recent years, as well as the progress of eddy current probe and the developing tendency of eddy current imaging are described.
15 This paper presents two kinds of improved preconditioned conjugate gradient method for solution of large sparse symmetric ill-conditioned linear equations in 3D eddy current field analysis.
16 Taking the example of a half-infinite conducting plane, a formula for computing eddy current density is derived directly from Maxwell's equation.
17 Design, development, production and servicing of tea - bag packing machine, underwater strand granulator and eddy current dynamometer.
18 An airway in the center bit of the electric engine axis is used for taking away the heat which the magnetic coil and rolling eddy current loss produce.
19 The Upwind-linear edge element method, which can eliminates the non-physical oscillation in solution, is presented for 3D eddy current problems involving the moving conductors.
20 The sensor design plays an important role on the remote field eddy current system.
21 Alternative magnetic leakage flux method was developed from the eddy current testing and traditional magnetic leakage flux testing, and it was advantageous for surface flaw recognition.
22 The results show that in depth of ten skin depth, the eddy current density is still high.
23 The scope of its application as an ordinary fluxgate, while the performance parameters make it applicable to eddy current testing.
24 This paper presents a feasible solution of motor core height control based on silicon steel sheet thickness measuring with double eddy current sensors.
25 The apparatus finds some technical applications and is known as an " eddy current brake ".
26 It is also shown that laminated core is a good way to reduce the induced eddy current, which is helpful to enhance the interrupting capability.
27 According to this paper, the frequency and intensity of the signal attenuation on transmission line are mainly depended on the ferromagnetic resonance frequency and eddy current loss.
28 The distributed heat source is first calculated by a tight coupled field-circuit method, including eddy current loss, iron loss and copper loss.
29 A new micro - controller based compensation method for remnant - voltage of the GMR eddy current probe was analyzed.
30 The sensors used for the muzzle vibration responses include the eddy current type, laser CCD type, photoelectricity type and so on.
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