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Dual problem in a sentence

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1) The defence establishment is faced with a dual problem.
2) Because glpsol said the dual problem is not feasible, the primal problem is unbounded (the Caribbean Islands situation I mentioned above).
3) An unbounded primal problem has a dual problem that's not feasible!
4) The dual problem is suit for the light dimensional input space and the primal problem can be solved better when N is bigger.
5) They face the dual problem of highly vulnerable populations and limited resources to respond the pandemic.
6) A projection subgradient algorithm for the Lagrangian dual problem of the relaxed quadratic problem is employed to general lower bounds of the optimal value for the original problem.
7) The Lagrange type dual problem is discussed and some duality theorem are obtained.
8) In Chapter six we consider the dual problem, develop several computational procedures based on duality, and discuss sensitivity and parametric analysis.
9) The paper offers a dual problem for the semi-infinite convex programming by using the directional derivative with zero dual gap.
10) Then, complimentary theorem were used to solve the dual problem.
11) The dual problem is suit for the light-dimensional input space and the primal problem can he solved better when N is bigger.
12) Alternatively, we could have used the fact that LPI* and LPII* are dual problems.
13) The basic Support Vector Machine for Classification solves the primal problem by solving the dual problem.
14) According to the dual theory, the dual programming was used to map the original problem exactly and the second approximation of the dual problem was set up by Taylor's expansion.
15) In short, people must correctly treat and deal with the dual problem to promote social harmony, stability and all-round development.
16) Analyzes the relation between the generalized moment problem and its dual problem, and gives a new method for solving some generalized moment problems.
17) This paper analyzes the relation between the generalized moment problem and its dual problem, and gives the solution to some generalized moment problems.
18) A primal problem that has no solution has an unbounded dual problem.
19) The optimal solution of the original problem was not certainly the optimal shadow price of its dual problem when the optimal extreme directions of the original problem were in existence.
20) Then,[ problem.html] the approximately linear SVM is obtained by solving the dual problem of maximal margin method.
21) A constrained optimization problem in primal weight space with incorporation of a regularization term was discussed. The dual problem was solved by using the kernel trick.
22) In the second chapter, we present the basic theory of quadratic programming including conception, optimization al condition and dual problem.
23) The maximization problem is then called the primal problem, and the minimization is the dual problem.
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