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Double layer in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2022-01-08Updated:2022-01-08
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1 The ceiling had a double layer of plywood, which would provide strong support.
2 Construction: a double layer construction using offset quilting helps to minimise cold spots.
3 Spooler arranged in double layer can save space.
4 Black jacket with 4 pockets and double layer enclosures: zipper, and buttons.
5 Conclusion The operation of double layer face-lifting ( skin and tissue ) can reach lasting function of suspension.
6 Based on the original configuration,[] double layer holding furnace is manufactured to take effect on energy saving and environmental protection.
7 When loading, the dust gas is filtered through double layer contract soft pipe.
8 For levees on double layer foundation, adding weighting soil to the landside slope is an effective measures to prevent the foundation from seepage failure.
9 Constructed from body hugging, double layer neoprene, the thin-skinned but protective padding of this slick sleeve isolates your digital camera from life's hard knocks and cutting edge dangers.
10 Filtration material in filtration column is double layer bed composed of sand and ceramist.
11 The results showed that the cellobiose medium and double layer culture method were most suitable for protoplast regeneration of Ganoderma lucidum .
12 Conclusion The double layer cultured artificial skin has low ability of contractile and high abilities of proliferation and extracellular matrix synthesis.
13 A highly reliable electrolytic condenser and an electric double layer condenser can be obtained by using this ionically conductive polymeric electrolyte.
14 They have double layer wind-resistant shell and binding, feature 100% Polyester Thermolite for great insulation and they are adjustable in case you have a huge noggin.
15 But, the effect of diffusible double-layer on double layer capacitance is re-duced and even eliminated through increasing pore sizes of carbon electrodes or electrolyte concentration.
16 Inside wall of pump chamber is adhibited with sound absorption material[], equipped with double layer sound isolation door.
17 Bipolar-pulse conductance measurement technique can overcome the effect of double layer polarization capacitance in electric cell and detect the conductance of solution accurately.
18 BlueMoon Arena is built on spread foundation, and its roof is an incomplete right four angle pyramid double layer reticulated shell.
19 The activated carbon with high specific surface area for electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) was prepared with blind coal and KOH as raw material and activating reagent respectively.
20 Objective: To investigate in vitro release characteristics of collagen double layer minipellet of erythropoietin ( EPO ) .
21 Immediately there is a sharp increase in current to charge the double layer.
22 Further, the smaller the pore sizes of carbon electrodes, the more diffusible electrical double layer is, resulting in a sharp decrease in capacitance.
23 For super capacitor of physical characteristics, there are three model of the Electric Double Layer Capacitor that series RC model, nonlinear RC network model and the linear RC network model.
24 The action of the dispersants is to increase the repulsion interactions of electrical double layer, hydration shell and steric hindrance, and to decrease the Van der Waals attraction among particles.
25 Based on the experiment, the enumeration method of Bifidobacterium by rectangular test tube was put forward, according to the anaerobic specificity of double layer half solid culture.
26 An Archimedean planar spiral antenna mounted on the grounded double layer is investigated.
27 For the case of the electrophoresis of a toroid normal to a large disk, the mobility may have a local maximum as the thickness of double layer varies.
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