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Distribution law in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-02-05Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: distributionredistributionmaldistributionincome distributionnormal distributiondirect distributionstatistical distributionpoisson distributionMeaning: n. (chemistry) the total energy in an assembly of molecules is not distributed equally but is distributed around an average value according to a statistical distribution. 
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1. Applications of the Distribution Law Two immiscible liquids are sometimes used as selective solvents for components in a mixture.
2. In 1987 and 1988 we studied the distribution law of solar energy on different-structured olive (Olea europaea) trees resulting from different pruning techniques.
3. At the basis of distribution law of error formed by the processed pulley with various teeth and its effect on transmission, the scope of tooth of pulley processed is defined.
4. In this paper, we study the distribution law of order statistic of discrete type random variable.
5. On the basis of distribution law of dangerous rock, the five main factors that affect dangerous rock are analyzed in this paper.
6. According to the perturbation theory, a distribution law of matrix element in secular equation is discovered in degenerate state and wave function property of the hydrogen atom.
7. The paper derives Boltzmann distribution law in terms of the principleof maximum information entropy.
8. By taking notice of the normal distribution law of cotton fibers' length, the result of mixing ratio is optimum. A practical example is given for readers.
9. According to this hierarchy system, the distribution law of farmland desertification in Zhangwu County was studied primarily.
10. Also , this paper analyses the vertical distribution law of time for dew condensation, disappearance and duration.
11. The distribution law of horizontal cross section area of ring forging and ring blank is put forward to describe the rolling formability of conical ring with inner steps.
12. A discussion on the distribution law of outburst seam in the two walls of the normal fault has a certain apocalypse to the geology.
13. The application of Maxwell velocity distribution law rigidly proves that the statistical proof on the state equation of ideal gas.
14. According to this hierarchy system , the distribution law of farmland desertification in Zhangwu County was stu.
15. The distribution law and comparison of heavy metal Cu and radioactive nuclein 3H in different tissues and organs of crucian are carried out.
15. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
16. It was proved that the size distribution obeys log normal distribution law.
17. A preliminary study on epidemic endemic disease which results from drinking water is made, according to regional distribution law of the elements in groundwater in Jilin province.
18. The turbulence intensity increases after the floodplain is vegetated. The lateral and vertical turbulence intensities are in the same order and follow the S-shape distribution law.
19. The average speed of molecules in a system relative to a molecule is expressed and the average relative speed between two molecules is given on the basis of Maxwell velocity distribution law.
20. Aim In order to find out depositional feature and distribution law.
21. The, for 1420 alloy at double - ageing, the maximum corrosion depth was consistent the Gumbel distribution law.
22. The volume flow amount is also calculated. The dimension variation law for rolling flange ring and the volume distribution law for its rolling blank are derived from the axial volume flow.
23. According to the principle of conservation, differential equation which can describe disturbance flow and temperature distribution law of airflow of excavation roadway is a educed .
24. The structural strength and the load acting on the missile are subordinate to the normal distribution law.
25. This paper is an application of Gibbs canonical ensemble to the derivation of Boltzmann Distribution law.
26. The paper points out that the finish error of blades does not conform to normal distribution law, hence the error probability distribution function is derived for this specific process.
27. There is a wide range of particle sizes which approximate the log-normal distribution law.
28. Law of equipartition of energy is proved by the promotion of Boltzmann distribution Law.
29. The microcomponent can be distributed between the two phases by either homogeneous distribution law or logarithmic distribution law depending on different conditions of its coprecipitations.
30. The teaching of the kinetic theory of gases is rearranged with Maxwell velocity distribution law, Boltzman distribution law and free path distribution law.
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