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Device driver in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2018-01-15Updated:2018-01-15
Similar words: slave driverexplosive devicedriver's licencedriver's licensedevicedevicestape driveoutput deviceMeaning: n. (computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device. 
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1 More complex services - from device driver interfaces up will be handled by the operating system personality on top.
2 Specific device drivers are required for each relational database.
3 It will provide updated device drivers for the next release of Windows For Workgroups.
4 The device driver will be installed with the default settings.
5 When accounting Pioneer-net card a block device(, the device driver can transmit data between user address space and kernel address space.
6 The device driver got stuck in a infinite loop.
7 A device driver should only export a device interface if it implements that device interface entirely. Any interaction with a driver will expect full support of the device interface it advertises.
8 Delphi Device Driver Kit complete code can be used directly.
9 The virtio_driver structure defines the upper-level device driver, list of device IDs that the driver supports, a features table (dependent upon the device type), and a list of callback functions.
10 Verify the device driver is installed properly and the device is enabled in the Operating System.
11 Operating system design, including character device driver development.
12 Developed VxD of signal processing module ( a device driver fitted for windows 98 ).
13 This paper mainly introduces Virtual Device Driver and the programming of Virtual Device Driver in the design of CAN bus monitor.
14 You can and PDD layers by implementing your device driver as a monolithic driver.
15 That routine is initialized by the device driver associated with the device.
16 To remove an unused device driver, right - click the icon and select Uninstall.
17 The loop device is a device driver that allows you to mount a file as a block device and then interpret the file system it represents.
18 It is now said to have completed the main porting work and is now wading through the device driver work.
19 This, in turn,( relieves the software houses of the problem of having to write and test numerous device drivers.
20 When the LVM receives a request for an I/O, it breaks the I/O down into what is called logical track group (LTG) sizes before it passes the request down to the device driver of the underlying disks.
21 Every interrupt runs a function called an interrupt handler, which must be tailored to the device and therefore is installed by the device driver.
22 The simplest way to give userspace applications access to hardware resources is through a character device driver controlled through read, write, and ioctl system calls.
23 The key method has been introduced for designing LINUX device driver of PCI-VME bridge device based on realized by us data acquisition and control system.
24 netpmon provides information on CPU usage as it relates to the network, and it also includes data about the network device driver I/O, Internet socket calls, and other various statistics.
25 Sets up the disk parameter table, used by the BIOS to handle the floppy device driver.
26 The module of device provides interface function for BSP, the whole architecture is divided into two layers: Device Abstract Layer and Device Driver Layer.
27 An integrated software system of broadband access switch should include the device driver, configuration interface, applications and network management, etc.
28 This paper introduces in detail the data structure and ISR, which relates to the network device driver program.
29 The appropriate interrupt handler receives the interrupt via the interrupt-vector table, store any necessary data, signals the device driver, and returns from the interrupt.
30 netpmon provides information on CPU usage as it relates to the network, and it also includes data about network device driver I/O, Internet socket calls, and other various statistics.
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