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Dead space in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2021-11-08Updated:2021-11-08
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1. The dead space is outside the text area, but it is slightly noticeable.
2. Activated dead bone, dead space, repair damaged bone tissue, so that the new bone regeneration.
3. It's like walking through a dead space, and trying to be alive in it.
4. If we prefer not to have the small dead space, we need to use a flat color behind the tabs, then use this color in the corner of our tab images instead of making them transparent.
5. To facilitate the removal of product from the dead space at the time of actuation, purge ports can be offered in the chest and seat area of the valves.
5. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
6. Test method for the dead space of filtering particle respirator.
7. In the beginning, Dead Space 3 is set aboard a command center where Isaac talks to the Captain.
8. Having dead space in a game, and having new areas to explore are different things.
9. That is, why not create a living satellite instead of hammering together a dead space station?
10. The article also researches other questions such as: the determinating of dead space, whether the adsorption isotherm according with the desorption isotherm.
11. The working drag in that reduces cost arrives each link of production, cannot take dead space.
12. In current time, the major reason of burglary occurrence is that there exist such weak sectors as architectural and psychological dead space.
13. Note that the tweaks required to make the corners transparent creates a small dead space on the left side of the tab where it's not clickable.
14. In Part I (and just after Example 8a above), we briefly mentioned a small amount of dead space on the left side of the tab caused by the transition to transparent-corner images.
15. That's six Dell 30" monitors, each at a resolution of 2560x1600, showing Dead Space at over 24 megapixels.
16. If need be, you can then crop the shot slightly so there isn't any dead space around the edges.
17. As you can see, shifting the roles of each element also eliminates the small amount of dead space we mentioned in Part I, because the anchor now contains the entire tab.
18. Others may decide the extra spans are a small sacrifice to have rollovers working in all popular browsers and to eliminate the dead space in previous examples.
19. The left photo above shows the rewound work coil 7 1/2 turns with much less dead space in the centre .
20. In five years, the ISS will be no more than another dead space junk.
21. The vital procedure for prevention of CSF leakage is watertight seal of dura mater , reconstruction of bone defect and obliteration of dead space after craniofacial surgery.
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