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Data management in a sentence

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Sentence count:86Posted:2017-10-25Updated:2017-10-25
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(1) E-comms 6 1.5 25.0 Electronic solutions including data management and web design.
(2) However, there is a class of data management systems where all operations are initiated by simple commands.
(3) Software Systems: Software for telephone companies; computer data management software for scientific community and others using large amounts of data.
(4) The data management system has eliminated much of the drudgery of filing.
(5) The system has a data management and enterprise business units personnel management functions.
(6) The PDM system is the data management system of the aviation product, whose use makes the complex aviation technology product have dynamic and open frame. It is a typical modular strategy.
(7) The data management and reserved word for typical design procedure proposed to offering a foundation for use of CAD and application of AI at the level of system software.
(8) Data management technology is one of key technology in the extrusion die CAD system.
(9) This paper reports the individual monitoring data management system(IDOSE)in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station.
(10) To data management, this paper mostly discusses data manipulation and input of trig point result and bench mark result.
(11) The site is HTML and has a data management system dedicated to it.
(12) This system is divided into the data management of the foundation finance, assistance statement, basic statement, data analysis and system management five greatest mold piece.
(13) As a new technique in data management field for data warehousing, there still is not system establishing standard that is matured(sentence dictionary), credible and can be accepted.
(14) Data grid is an architecture of efficient distributed data management. There are many differences between distributed query processing in data grid and others, such as site autonomy.
(15) The hybridisation data were held in a flat file data base, with C programs reponsible for data management and collation.
(16) Another aspect of the brokerage function is the support for data management and traditional transaction services.
(17) Both systems analysis, programming, or system management must be based on the basis of data management.
(18) This paper has introduced the whole process of how GIS is used during the planning of transit network, including data management, data displaying, data mining, associate design and result management.
(19) The surface engineering information system of Daqing Oil Field is managed in three steps, which realizes high-quality data management.
(20) At the same time, author discusses mainly data pagination, data updating and maintenance[], nodes recovery of distributed data management in a naval command and control system.
(21) The system realized the automatic monitoring, automatic data processing and data management. It is powerful in common use, and develops the mine automatic monitoring technology.
(22) Integration of various of hardware pIats, Operation System, netware protocols and Data Management System, through meta-data as medi, can shield the difference of application details.
(23) This system can be used not only to carry out data management, inquiry and statistics, resource evaluation, charting and output, but also to look up some map information issued on the internet.
(24) Introduction of database technology into HLA provides the run-time infrastructure with transaction mechanism, so it can enhance the data management ability in HLA.
(25) This scheme makes up of testing process automation and testing data management.
(26) In the third chapter, it refers how to realize the navigation data management with electric river map information classification code, combined GIS.
(27) This paper introduces the design and realization of thee-map data management system from various aspects such as data sources and storage device numbering, system architecture, database de...
(28) PDM system is the short name of Enterprise Product Data Management system.
(29) Facts have proved that computer programming language in the application of wage records management system to make data management more modern, automated and intelligent.
(30) Objective Making use of serial transmission technology and database technology, to connect the laboratory equipment with LIS, thus to realize automated data collection and data management.
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