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Cutting angle in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2021-05-26Updated:2021-05-26
Similar words: cutting linecuttingcutting offcutting outcutting toolcutting-edgecost-cuttingcost cuttingMeaning: n. the angle between the face of a cutting tool and the surface of the work. 
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1. Special blades with sharper cutting angle.
2. The influence of air cutting angle and air cutting time to chip breakage is studied quantitatively. The correctness of air cutting theory is verified by the experiments.
3. To keep constant cutting angle and speed, a method with tool swinging and variable-speed of spindle is presented.
4. Function for cutting angle iron. The tool has the advantage of.
5. Furthermore, cutting angle, parameters of structure dimension and additional edge of form tool are designed by the use of database technique.
6. In the paper sliding - cutting angle and cutting angle were calculated, other major cutting parameters were given.
7. The concept and definition of the sliding cutting angle of the working parts in agricultural machinery are described variously and even incorrectly at present.
8. The laser projection device makes cutting angle more accurant and more convenient.
9. Proposed a PDC cogging cutting angle calculation method that adapt to every complex movement condition.
10. Excellent cutting angle, primary colors, flavors of food can be maintained when using ceramic knives, because they do not have any reaction with food.
11. The test showed that cutting depth, cutting angle and the chain blades moving speed have significant impact on the soil cutting resistance.
11. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
12. Simple cutting angle and the hole, the light distribution, there are many scientific and technological sense.
13. After optimization, the cutting angle and The difference between the instantaneous velocity and the average velocity in the cutting area of the shear are decreased.
14. The top thread trimmer could follow the user's requested to adjust any precise cutting angle.
15. A quartz crystal has crystallographic axes, and crystal cut is defined according to the cutting angle against a crystallographic axis and its associated mode of vibration.
16. By the needing of cutting, the expression of dihedral angle, cutting angle and points in cutting trail can be given.
17. Design the polarization prism from combination of its two part, the optical axis direction, cutting angle and the air-gap thickness.
18. The reasonable ranges of the geometrical parameters are given by analyzing the influences of the vertex angle and cutting angle on impact force and penetration displacement.
19. The base blade installed in the feed body, the two adjustments can change the relative position of base blade to flying-cutter, it can change the cutting angle.
20. In the geometry modeling of ball end mill cutter, consideration of cusp effect of ball milling, accurate cutting angle range corresponding to different axial cutting depth are deduced.
21. Tests are conducted to find the rules how such cutting parameters as cutting depth, cutting speed and feedrate per blade as well as the cutting angle affect on the life of face mill.
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