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Current wave in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2021-02-16Updated:2021-02-16
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1. The sea is potentially very destructive, with underwater remains being broken and scattered by currents, waves, or tidal action.
2. The current wave of privatization is just throwing more gasoline on the fire.
3. The current wave of demolitions was under way by the early 1990s as free-market changes gained momentum, and real estate speculators saw potential profit in redevelopment.
4. But the current wave bears similarities to the strains of the 1890 s and 1930 s.
5. The current wave of cholera outbreaks affecting Central Africa started a few months ago.
6. In this paper the calculation of current wave factor in three phase thyristor full controlled rectifier with emf load is discussed, with the calculated data given.
7. October 2010 - The current wave of cholera outbreaks affecting Central Africa started a few months ago.
8. On the basis of analyzing the current wave in three phase alternating current system, the paper put forward a control method to realize zero current interrupt in three phase intelligent AC contactor.
9. "The current wave of Southeast Asian acquisitions could destabilize the region, jeopardizing decades of peace, " warns SIPRI's Asia expert Siemon Wezeman.
10. It also was the costliest failure in the current wave for the federal deposit insurance fund, with an estimated loss of $12.7 billion.
11. The change of shield layer current wave with grounding state of external shield and core voltage with loading resistance was analyzed.
12. Will Obama's current wave of peace intermittences to a war with Iran?
13. The current wave is analyzed for the subdivided step motor designed by using DSP, and the subdivision control of the step angle is realized.
13. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
14. Because of its nonlinear characteristics, the APU output current wave contains much more harmonics.
15. The current wave of cholera outbreaks which had begun several weeks ago in West Africa is still ongoing ( see map below).
16. The current wave of protests may die down or be brutally repressed.
17. The banking industry is aggressively paring its ranks, and the current wave of megamergers simply means more layoffs.
18. And fourth, this is not going to be a close scrutiny of the current wave of educational issues and innovations.
19. This neglect contributed to the many factors underlying the current wave of civil unrest, especially to the region's stagnant incomes and unemployment rates.
20. This is the first time that any Arab government has called for outside military help during the current wave of protests sweeping the region.
21. Furthermore, the deposition rate increases per unit of welding current by decreasing wire diameter, and adjustment of the penetration depth is enabled by alternating current wave form and polarity.
22. The control strategy has been proved to be simple and effective by experiment results. The grid-connected current wave of the system is better.
23. By researching the magnetization process and remanence characteristic of the core, the magnetic exciting status of winding the current wave of the system during the half cycle is analyzed.
24. The skirmish is thought to be the first exchange of fire between a passenger vessel and attackers since the start of the current wave of piracy off the Horn of Africa.
25. Marx's theory as too much emphasis on the export of capital exploitation and oppression of the current wave of economic globalization are tough challenges.
26. However, Curr says this will not be enough to stop the current wave of boat people despite the perils of barely seaworthy vessels.
27. It introduces the principle of voltage inverter, analyzed the reason of distortion of output voltage and current wave form, as it is loaded with hysteresis synchronous motor.
28. Millions of people in the United States have had swine flu, known as H1N1, either in the first wave in the spring or the current wave.
29. The thesis proposes a novel design and optimal driving current wave for a brushless DC wheel - motor.
30. In this paper, the equivalent circuit of typical permanent magnet actuator is analyzed, and the excitation current wave is optimized under definite redundancy and demanded minimum impulse power.
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