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Current value in a sentence

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1. Most assets have been valued at current values.
2. Perhaps young people perceive that our current values of the pursuit of wealth and power are hollow and react accordingly.
3. Data table display voltage and current value.
4. Rated Current Value of customers are welcomed.
5. In particular, it cannot store the property's current value.
6. The current value of the debt payable should be calculated in terms of the discount rate applicable on the day when the committee assigns the trustee.
7. Present value is the current value of a future payment.
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8. More specifically, we need the current value of the flag register.
9. Actually , the current value of whole employees and its trend can sway the way of a project fairly at present and at future trendline .
10. In response, the device sends the current value of the multiplication factor to the controller over the channel called factor.
11. The device, when asked, returns the current value of the counter.
12. In addition, at the same current value, the current efficiency of LED in pulse mode is higher than that in the DC mode, reducing the loss of efficiency of the rise in temperature.
13. You simply subtract what you paid from their current value to sense of where you stand.
14. Multifunction of testing voltage value, current value, RF value and transient current strength.
15. If by certain rate computation current value, then can survey it presently to have the value.
16. The current value of the business metric – this could be a physical measure like Sales, a calculated measure like Profit, or a custom calculation defined specifically in the KPI.
17. This is perhaps particularly true when depreciation charges are based on current values.
18. In the current cost version, capital is measured in terms of its current value, which in many cases is its replacement cost.
19. Forces the Refresh method to swap the original value with the values retrieved from the database. No current value is modified.
20. This value attribute uses the XPath concat function to combine the literal string 'Hello' with the current value of the Name element in the model.
21. Step five: tune the final stage power transistor quiescent current, the current value of the power tube by measuring the voltage of the emitter resistance Converter and get.
22. Use this option to change the time spent on this task relative current value.
23. According to Economic Commission for Europe(ECE) cycle, the discharge current value of a pure electric vehicle, EVERY, was calculated, which had the same trend as the experimental results.
24. Polling: The collector is invoked on a regular frequency, and it retrieves and traces the current value of a metric or set of metrics from a PDS.
25. The timer can generate an interrupt signal upon timeout, or provide the current value of count during operation.
26. Clicking on a specific parameter provides details, such as the description of what that parameter does, parameter type, constraints (like minimum value and maximum value), and current value.
27. Each view could look like a baseball card with its current value added to the picture, and the back of the view could allow users to select specific cards to track and display.
28. Such as the equivalent capacitance of test sample between electrodes, the highest puncture current value, etc.
29. Instantaneous reactive power calculated in the measuring circuit is based on instantaneous voltage and instantaneous current value of the supply power line.
30. However, the deposit and credit loan with bank in our country are simple interest that cannot be used to calculate the net current value in decision of whether or not to take the project .
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