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Current tax in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2018-01-20Updated:2018-05-25
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1. The current tax system has been in operation for ten years.
2. The current tax expires next October.
3. The current tax regime encouraged pensions, share options and subsidised meals, but discouraged company loans, cars and petrol.
4. In this current tax year, children can earn up to £4,385 before tax is levied.
5. China's current tax system remains dominated by indirect taxes.
6. The current tax policy actively discourages companies from hiring Americans to fill overseas positions, some believe.
7. External Tax rate rules service: provides current tax rates on different income slots.
8. Zhuhai months of the current tax threshold is how much?
9. Scott Klinger, chief author of the IPS study, readily concedes that "current tax" is a "best approximation" rather than the actual amount that companies pay the IRS or get back from it.
10. Under current tax law, multinational companies generally pay no U.S. corporate taxes on foreign income until those profits are brought back to the U.S.
11. One may look at the current tax and banking systems and wonder how this may come about?
12. The credit will replace the current tax rule, which excludes employer payments for health insurance from employees' taxable incomes.
13. The author thinks that current tax - fee reformation has not changed substantially the traditional financing mechanism, however the reformation will aggravate the supply of rural public goods.
14. Tax Justice is the precondition rule of current tax reform.
15. The current tax system, which imposes a higher burden on domestic companies, is unfair.
16. Keep the current tax system reform and improve the situation, companies are facing under the constraint of a comprehensive tax competition in the market environment.
17. One is a draft bill that could override current tax treaties that exclude private-equity firms from paying a capital-gains tax.
18. As the current tax system, but also everyone should not do tax returns , it is necessary to accurately verify the income will not be easy.
19. Under current tax law, multinational companies generally pay no U. S. corporate taxes on foreign income until those profits are brought back to the U.
20. If no compromise is found, current tax rates would expire for all Americans at the end of the year.
21. But this was based on the assumption that the current tax relief limit of £30,000 would be increased in line with inflation.
22. Estimated tax currently payable for current and prior periods should be recognized as current tax liability.
23. Other critics dismiss as far-fetched Mr Cain's claim that his dramatically lower rates would unleash such rapid growth that they would bring in as much revenue as the current tax code.
24. Accrued expenses have already been deducted in determining an entity's current tax liability for the current or earlier periods.
25. With the constant development of market economy,[] it urgently needs to set up the tax expenditure system of our country to solve the problem that exists in the current tax expenditure policy.
26. Therefore, added-value tax, consumption tax, business income tax and agricultural tax in our current tax system should be adjusted.
27. We have to pay great attention to the tax on income and change tax on value added by production into tax on value added by consumption. The current tax system must be solved completely.
28. Export drawback system, as a financial incentive mechanism of export, is a current tax policy with extensive application in many countries and regions around the world.
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