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Curie temperature in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2018-09-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: absolute temperaturetemperaturetemperature rangebody temperaturetemperature riserun a temperaturehigh temperatureroom temperatureMeaning: n. the temperature above which a ferromagnetic substance loses its ferromagnetism and becomes paramagnetic. 
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1. Above the Curie temperature there is no spontaneous magnetization.
2. The Curie temperature also shows an anomaly increase.
3. An experiment method is introduced to observe the Curie temperature of magnetic materials.
4. The Curie temperature of LSMO lowers successfully to room temperature with 0.07 mol ratio Ti 4 + addition.
5. The Curie temperature and saturation magnetization increase with the Fe content.
6. Weak coupling reduces the Curie temperature in the mix system,( and the deviation from linear relation reaches maximum around 0.5 of composition rate.
7. Meanwhile, PTC Thermistor is heated to above the Curie temperature, Rt heating temperature exceeding the switch temperature TSW and leaping to the state of high resistance too.
8. An explanation of the cause of variation of Curie temperature with the Ni contents of the compounds has been given on the basis of the above results.
9. Under the superposed magnetic field, a characteristic sharp peak of the real part of the susceptibility appears near the magnetic transition temperature (Curie temperature).
10. The Curie temperature and saturation magnetization of manganese-zinc ferrite were measured by using the electric bridge method, induced method and vibrating sample magnetometer (VCM).
11. Measurements of Curie temperature and magnetization have been made for polycrystalline Ni 50 Mn 29 Ga 21 - xTbx alloys.
12. The dependence of the Curie temperature and the critical transverse field on the long-range exponent is obtained.
13. A method of measuring the Curie temperature of ferromagnetic substance by oscilloscope is presented in this paper(, showing vividly that the magnetic of ferromagnetic substance varies with temperature.
14. The outstanding permanent magnetic material Nd2Fe14B possesses very high energy product. But its Curie temperature is a little bit too low for practical application.
15. The results show that the effect of Gd and Sn doping is to increase the dielectric constant and to reduce the Curie temperature.
16. In the bond-diluted BCM with the random crystal field in an applied field, the Curie temperature decreases monotonously with the increasing of the crystal field.
17. The existence of domain walls reduces both the spontaneous polarization and the Curie temperature, and increases the critical size.
18. Lead scandium tantalate ceramics exhibit excellent dielectric, piezoelectric, and ferroelectric properties, but need rather higher sintering temperature and possess lower Curie temperature.
19. It is obvious that there is a definite transition interval of temperature between ferromagnetic state and paramagnetic state of the metal and the Curie temperature is only an intermediate value.
20. The small polaron hopping is considered to be the main transport mechanism above the Curie temperature by comparing the experimental data with the theoretical results.
21. The colossal magneto-resistance appears at temperature close to the Curie temperature, and resistance will reduce with the temperature being increased or decreased quickly.
22. However, it could not find full information of magnetic material just having the measure the magnetic moment, Curie temperature and the magnetic hysteresis cycle for the magnetic material.
23. Among all MAMs, metallic magnetic materials are especially focused on due to high saturation magnetization, high permeability, high Curie temperature and low coercivity.
24. The component dependence of crystal lattice constant, saturated magnetization and Curie temperature has been analyzed.
25. In heating up of the PTCRs with AC or DC, under the Curie temperature, the resistivity is very low.
26. Meanwhile, the temperature stability of the metal magnetic material is much better than that of the ferrite material after oxidation, as a result of the higher Curie temperature.
27. Results show that rare earth ion doping at A site is an effective way to regulate Curie temperature of rare earth manganite.
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