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Critical speed in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2022-11-03Updated:2022-11-03
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1 This critical speed is called the escape velocity.
2 The critical speed of different-speed mixer shafts is obtained by using the finite method, which is compared with calculating results of theoretical formulae .
3 The critical speed which causes sympathetic vibration is gained by solution of excited frequency so that the resonance vibration of system can be avoided effectively.
4 The critical speed of one turbopump rotor on elastic support was computed by FEMQZ.
5 Critical speed is one of the important dynamic parameters of the rotor system in centrifugal compressor.
6 Well, this critical speed for a small ball bearing would be some hundred meters per second.
7 The AMA with constant voltage source exhibits damping character, while with constant current source it provides only a negative stiffness that lowers the critical speed of the rotor system.
8 The influences of impeller types, baffle configurations and gas sparger on critical speed of floating particle in an agitated vessel were investigated.
9 On the data obtained from the measurement and analysis, the shaft's flexibility, one-sided magnetic pull and the critical speed of shaft of the electrical motor are computed.
10 It was found that the effects of the magnetic pulling force on the first critical speed and the amplitude can be omitted.
11 And if the velocity, if the speed is way larger than the critical speed, you are in regime two and then you have a dependence r with the square root of r.
12 Being able to wettibility the terms and conditions, the permissible maximum interface called wettibility critical speed.
13 To reduce the excessive vibration of a high-speed rotor system at the critical speed, a friction damper with a flexible support structure is introduced.
14 The result shows that the spindle structure is more safe and suitable after optimizing, with less weight, better rigidness and higher critical speed.
15 If you look at this black dot here, then the terminal speed is ten times larger here than the critical speed.
16 The study shows that the magnetic pull force can decrease both the first critical speed and the critical amplitude.
17 This paper presents the method of broad-sense original parameter of continuous body of elasticity for calculating the critical speed of rotor system.
18 Secondly,[] contact status of pedestal of elastic ring controls the support stiffness to change the critical speed and limit the peak amplitude.
19 Secondly, use transfer matrix arithmetic to have finished the relative program to calculate the critical speed of flexible multi-tray rotor bearing system by MATLAB language.
20 The investigation shows that moment of gyro force raises critical speed of shaft greatly, but magnetic pull reduces the critical speed.
21 Applying transfer matrix method to the complex rotor system, the critical speed and the vibrating model of a high - speed spinning winding chuck are analyzed.
22 The results show that the computed results of first order critical speed agree well with the experimental results. The program FEMQZ can be used to dynamic analysis of turbopump rotor.
23 A building-block transfer matrix is a development of the famous PROHL method which is suitable for critical speed calculation of single or twin-rotor system on satisfied engineering precision.
24 And, the hover will also lead to nonlinear response near the fraction frequency of swing critical speed.
25 It is found that in a geared rotor-bearing system, the critical speed is very dense.
26 By analysing the amplitude of the shaft vibration, this article concludes that when the bolts get loose, it will result in resonance at the second critical speed and serious vibration.
27 Because of the complexities in geometric forms of the axle and the supporting Patterns, most of the calculations of the critical speed of turning axle are difficult.
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