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Contrast ratio in a sentence

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1. Despite the 12:1 contrast ratio claimed for the screen, my initial impression was that it was poor.
2. Contrast Ratio: A number ratio resembling 1:1 or 10, 000:1, which illustrates how much difference there is between the brightest whites and the darkest black colors the screen can display.
3. It is confirmed that high contrast ratio of over 100 and reflectance of 100% with polarized light input are possible for such reflectance bistable displays.
4. Contrast ratio determines the level of detail that can be seen on the display, with the higher ratio providing richer color and crisper lineation.
5. Factors such as contrast ratio, screen luminance combination and back - ground color were investigated.
6. The upper limit is determined by the minimum contrast ratio that is required.
7. In the mobile environment contrast ratio takes on critical importance, as the lighting in vehicle and outdoor environments is not the typical subdued office lighting.
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8. The contrast ratio is just 1000:1 and the lamp brightness is 100 lumens.
9. By plotting the contrast ratio as a function of the twist angle and thickness-birefringence product of the display, the regions where the display shows the best contrast ratio are clearly shown.
10. The contrast ratio of reflective bistable twisted nematic displays are optimized by means of a parameter space approach.
11. For instance partial product contrast ratio does not accord with a standard to ask.
12. Commercial notebooks' contrast ratio is typically measured indoors under optimal and predictable conditions, Hill says.
13. At the same 3.5-inches as the older screens, the new display manages an insane 326ppi pixel density along with an 800:1 contrast ratio.
14. Upon closer inspection we weren't too stoked about the screen. The colors are rich, but compared to our Dell 24-incher (at 400 cd/m2, 1000:1 contrast ratio), the iMac was still dissatisfying.
15. Well - known Latin pop star Shakira's Nice Bottom contrast ratio, and afraid that no one can.
16. Compared to the LCD using two glass substrates, our new device exhibits a comparable contrast ratio ( 514:1), driving voltage, and response time because of good LC alignment.
17. The final target representation model was obtained by means of linear fusing the two feature models, and the fusion coefficient was determined adaptively by contrast ratio of feature likelihood map.
18. Adding a touch-sensitive upper layer to a screen also dims the display slightly, a real problem with the already low contrast ratio of E Ink screens.
19. The director distribution, electo - optic properties and transmission , contrast ratio in a wide viewing angle were simulated.
20. The resolution on the TV is 1366 x 768 and it has a 1600:1 contrast ratio.
21. This paper takes color matching of reflective and non-reflective material as the research object to explore the relationship in color match contrast ratio of the two materials.
22. In the experiment, the structure of liquid crystal display (LCD) is refitted, and its contrast ratio is enhanced by using a narrow band filter. It is shown that the ...
23. Compared to plasmas and LCDs, OLEDs offer a higher contrast ratio, wide viewing angle and fast response time, along with lower power requirements and thin construction.
24. Since they are lit from the back by projectors, their contrast ratio is somewhat more limited, and their images look best in dark rooms.
25. The L2261 only gets VGA and DVI inputs, while its panel has a 250 cd/m2 brightness, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and a 5ms response time.
26. Regardless of this fact, there is need to optimize all general specifications, such as brightness, contrast ratio, color gamut, and so on.
27. The 19-inch E190S offers a maximum resolution of 1280 by 1024 pixels, with an 800:1 contrast ratio and 250 cd/m2 brightness.
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