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Continuous flow in a sentence

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1. The system provides a continuous flow of information to the market.
2. We hoped for a continuous flow of information and exchange of art and culture between the two countries.
3. Hence, carry-over or cross-contamination can occur in continuous flow analyzers if suitable precautions are not taken.
4. The run-on lines create a continuous flow capturing the rush of Bedivere.
5. From the holding silo grain passes over the continuous flow drier and any overflow travels back to the holding silos.
6. In continuous flow analyzers, all Specimens flow through the Same tubing.
7. He thought consciousness is continuous flow of human psychology is indivisible role.
8. Continuous flow processing eliminates the stops and starts that are common in a traditional production system.
9. Maximum continuous flow based on pipe line velocity of 20 ft . per second.
10. It is only where rainfall is continued that continuous flow systems develop.
11. Applying a semi - continuous flow system along with a catalyst accelerated the depolymerisation process.
11. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
12. Microreactor is a kind of new continuous flow reactor with high heat-transfer and mass-transfer efficiency.
13. Continuous flow chemistry is valuable for improving product quality and yield.
14. A process cost system is appropriate in accounting for costs in the production of a large volume of relatively homogeneous products manufactured in a "continuous flow" operation.
15. A continuous flow of energy is supplied to the photosphere to make good the prodigious losses by radiation.
16. Meditation is a continuous flow of perception or thought, like flow of water in a river.
17. Movements should be in continuous flow and not automatic.
18. Figure 1 : Continuous flow lines in highly stressed crotch area.
19. The continuous flow of the brook formed a ravine.
20. We increase return on investment by making continuous flow of value our focus.
21. The flue gas cleaning process demands a continuous flow of lime milk.
22. In this paper a continuous flow vapour system hydride generation - atomic absorption spectrophotometry was applied.
23. Separation of the components on or in the stationary phase by a continuous flow of the mobile phase.
24. On the basis of the determination of ammoniacal nitrogen in compound fertilizers by the Type AA3 continuous flow analyzer a study is made to compare it with the national standard method.
25. Combined with the parameters determined by experiment, internal recycling continuous flow reactor for coalescence was designed.
26. It is the waterfall that interrupts violently the peaceful continuous flow of the river's water.
27. From the wort holding tank onwards there is a continuous flow through the boiling section.
28. In the last section of this chapter, we discuss the relation between flow equivalence and continuous flow equivalence for flows on a compact metric space.
29. The development of different cavitational reactors for liquid treatment in continuous flow is helping to introduce into industry the wide potential of the area of sonochemistry.
30. The constraint index for shape selectivity of zeolite catalyst of ZSM type has been determined by means of gas chromatography in connection with a continuous flow micro-reactor under normal pressure.
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