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Constraint condition in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2022-10-21Updated:2022-10-21
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(1) This paper presents the constraint condition of wingtip deflection and the conversion formulas of wing section rigidity on the basis of combining theory with practice.
(2) Under the global buckling constraint condition, the configuration of grid-stiffened composite panels was optimally designed by means of genetic algorithm.
(3) Institution is the constraint condition that regulates the interrelations between politics, economy and society, and it directly defines the distribution of rights and obligations.
(4) According to the constraint condition of the energy-saving motor, the design project is presented and the electromagnetic check is carried through.
(5) Taking the capacity to load ratio as the constraint condition, the load scale of substation is resolved.
(6) Considering the integration order and the effect of constraint condition to the model shape, comparing model shape with experimental data, the analysis about theory is right.
(7) By dealing with constraint condition and cell parameter, results of elements' stress and nodal displacement of the keel were obtained under gravity load condition.
(8) A constraint condition of the system parameters is given through discussing the limit forms for the input and output of the system.
(9) By analyzing the system parameters and depth information errors, system integration constraint condition was observed, and the optimal system figuration was established.
(10) Based on the proposed model, total transfer capability (TTC) of power system containing large-scale wind farms is investigated under the constraint condition of static voltage stability.
(11) In the governance structure, the enterprise society responsibility is an important constraint condition.
(12) Compared with the conventional analytic methods, the author studies the feasibility that the elastic bearing model is used to simulate the boundary constraint condition of the enrockment.
(13) In this paper, the method of Lagrangean indetermined multipliers is adopted to transfer a stationaryvalued Problem with constraint condition(s) into another one without constrain condition.
(14) The detonation pressure of PBXN-5 is supplied, qualitatively analyzes the effect of charge diameter and constraint condition of PBXN-5 on detonation pressure.
(15) Scheduling is assigning resource and time to the job given the constraint condition by sorting them.
(16) By using the matrix decompose conversion method to have the solution to system of linear equations under constraint condition, optimization processing result on stratum component can be gained.
(17) This paper discusses multiple objective parameter optimization under a certain constraint condition through genetic algorithm.
(18) The paper deals with the option on the optimum rate of fertilizer under constraint condition. With the equality constraint a general principle of alternative optimum rate of fertilizer is derived.
(19) Therefore the industrial structure must be the ecology adjustment promotion, under ecology constraint condition, by ecology mentod realization ecology goal.
(20) Thereinto, the problem of matching feature points and feature lines introduce the trifocal tensor as the constraint condition.
(21) Trend term displacement is determined by the potential energy and constraint condition of the slope and is predicted by displacement polynomial function.
(22) Methods This work presents a stream function constraint method in which stream function is added to target field method as a constraint condition.
(23) We call current network tomography as unconstraint network tomography for its not adding any constraint condition and all of them nearly are based on some likelihood algorithm.
(24) In the second respect, the programming problem with linear constraint condition is studied.
(25) The study goal of the eco-industry parks competitiveness is must seek the way of the eco-industry parks lasting competitive advantage under the constraint condition of recycling economy paradigm.
(26) Since the influence of random disturbance can almost be ignored under the constraint condition, the linear relation among the identification parameters can be accurately reflected.
(27) Besides, the MAC multivariable control algorithm based on prediction approach is proposed, which includes no input constraint condition and input constraint condition.
(28) Base on this , you can get a more practical algorithm by adding several constraint condition in according to your request .
(29) Container loading is the three-dimensional problem in "cutting and packing" problems. It is combined optimization with complex constraint condition.
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