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Complex type in a sentence

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1. A new complex type with the selected properties is added to the Model Browser.
2. A complex type can contain other nested complex types.
3. Cannot redefine a simple type as complex type.
4. Right - click a complex type in the Model Browser and select Delete.
5. You can rename a complex type in any of the ways listed below.
6. The complex type is given a default name.
7. The more complex type also provides structural support to react molding forces and restrict mold deformation.
8. A new property is added to the complex type with a default name.
9. Properties of a complex type can be scalar types or existing complex types.
10. If the type annotation denotes a complex type with empty content, then the typed value of the node is the empty sequence and its string value is the zero-length string.
11. Add properties to the complex type.
12. Attribute that indicates that the class represents a complex type.
13. A new complex type is added to the folder a default name.
14. However, complex type properties cannot have circular references.
15. To avoid this problem, you can define a complex type to wrap the value type and set the complex type to be null to indicate a null reference.
16. As with complex type definition, the assertions are an ordered sequence of xs:assertion elements specified as facets in the simple type definition.
17. A new scalar property is added the complex type with a default name.
18. The model will not validate because it contains an entity that references a deleted complex type.
19. In the example in Listing 8, we have defined what is called an anonymous type,(sentencedict .com) where no explicit name is given to the complex type.
20. Newly developed water shutoff agents are colloidal dispersant gel ( CDG ), new precipitation type and complex type.
21. Default attribute groups make it easier to specify attributes which every complex type in a schema should accept (for example, xml:id and xml:lang, or an attribute wildcard).
22. I resolve to become a high - quality, all - round developing electric automatic talent of complex type.
23. This reduces the effort to write and maintain the schema, as well as ensures that no complex type is accidentally left inextensible.
24. The boundary between human and ape tool behaviors is that human made tools with tool. Therefore, tool behaviors of Hominoidea can be divided into two type:the simple type and complex type.
25. Conclusions Muscle sliding operation was effective management for Volkmann ischemic contracture, and the skeletal operation or neurolysis could managed for the complex type in the meantime.
26. If an element has attributes, it is considered to be of a complex type.
27. The namespace name of the entity object type or complex type in the conceptual schema that maps to this type.
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