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Comparison test in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2021-01-12Updated:2021-01-12
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1. Figure 1 illustrates how the comparison test operates.
2. The comparison test indicated that its control accuracy is up to standard, the microwave radiation is far below the level specified by national regulation.
3. The behavior of DG phosphate-free builder comparison test with 4A-zeolites, STPP, SKS-6 etc. , and application in the laundry power are researched.
4. The prototype comparison test shows that the results are effective and the method is worth promoting.
5. In this example the comparison test resolves to true and so the incoming message assembly is propagated down the dynamic output terminal Match1.
6. The results of comparison test of the water saving efficiency of drip irrigation afforestation in the waste mountain at Kuerle area show: drip irrigation saves water by 66.
7. A comparison test of COD and nitrate removals under the conditions of pre - and post - electrode - biofilm was conducted.
8. Comparison test is an effective way to evaluate the capabilities of detection institute and data reliability.
9. You use the same format on comparison test operators as other operators.
10. Another set of test operators is called comparison test operators.
11. Comparison test and practical experience clearly showed,( the defect detectibility of the fluorescent magnetic particle testing is far higher than the black magnetic particle testing.
12. In variety comparison test designed with randomized block, each trait of the varieties was analysed,[] and all traits that was not of significance were rejected.
13. We haven't done a straight comparison test between the systems.
14. Like the previous set of test operators, comparison test operators are a handy way to perform error checking or to test values against another value.
15. By comparison test, the new algorithm significantly improves the image corner detection performance.
16. A 48 day comparison test was performed to show the differences between the original and modified schemes.
17. This article has used research techniques and so on real diagnosis law, comparison test, analogism, carries on the system elaboration to the Commercial bank initiative debt management.
18. In Listing 17, the validate() method uses the getData() method to read the arguments passed to the validator, performs a simple comparison test, and returns the result to the caller.
19. This throughput degradation problem occurred in a 3-hour stress comparison test.
20. Pumpkin and melon in recent years conducted thousands of samples test filter combinations that have been elected, the ongoing planting comparison test.
21. The article introduced the preparation of metal fatty acid and fatty acid ester, the analysis on uses of dispersants in China and the comparison test with foreign product were made.
22. Brown fused alumina is one of the major abrasive products. Comparison test of chemical analysis of brown fused alumina is a must check item in laboratory proficiency testing of abrasive trade.
23. The removal efficiency of organics by catalytic ozonation technology for advanced treatment of micropolluted water was investigated by means of productive comparison test.
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