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Clinical medicine in a sentence

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1. Differences between clinical medicine and public health in their views on quality assurance are also illustrated.
2. The reports illustrate the tensions between clinical medicine and public health in the formulation of health policy.
3. Images in clinical medicine Mycobacterium marinum.
4. Should clinical medicine learn to anatomize?
5. Subject_Topical_Eng: stomatology; clinical medicine; pathobiology ; molecular biology; immunology.
6. Experimental ObjectReads the clinical medicine student the China medical college freshman class to seven grades 678 seven year systems this large company.
7. Regional anatomy is a bridge course linking clinical medicine to preclinical medicine. Its aim is to culture students capability to solve clinical problem by their anatomic knowledge.
8. Ophthalmology is a compulsory course of clinical medicine for medical college students. The undiversified traditional teaching method results in unsatisfactory teaching effects.
9. Clinical medicine has complexity and particularity and medical risks are impersonal.
10. The invention is used for the clinical medicine or the addition agent of nutritional food, has high nutrition, easy absorption and popularization.
11. Topographic anatomy is a bridge course of clinical medicine with considerable practicability.
12. The objective is to provide the student with a basic knowledge of normal human biology with aspects relevant to clinical medicine.
13. Some of them are potent ganglion blocking agents and were introduced into clinical medicine, but they had grave disadvantages.
14. It combines knowledge and technology of many scientific fields such as computer technology, computer graphics, sensor technology, biodynamics, clinical medicine and Virtual Reality.
15. It's a "landmark trial, " says gastroenterologist David Kerman, MD, assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, who was not involved in the study.
16. The laser ablation has an important application foreground in clinical medicine.
17. The Ming-dynasty doctor named Wan Mizhai has a thought, prepotency , which is still very valuable to our nowadays clinical medicine.
18. The above content, which ties up with the other basic medicine, the clinical medicine and the preventive medicine, is the elementary knowledge which master and doctor of medicine should grasp.
19. Objective Research advances on the applications of actigraph in the studies of clinical medicine and aerospace medicine were reviewed.
19. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
20. Medium-chain Triglyceride ( MCT) plays an important role in food, medicine, clinical medicine as a new type of modified grease.
21. Immunology is a leading subject connecting the basic medicine and clinical medicine.
22. "If there was a suitable platelet substitute, that would be a tremendous achievement for clinical medicine, " says hematologist Marcel Levi of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
23. Method:It pass through this antibacterial extrasomatic test for helicobacter pylori provided reliable and effective drug for clinical medicine.
24. Synopsis of the Golden Chamber is a basic and clinical Medicine. The theory of Water Qi is still playing an important directorial roll on nephrology now.
25. The death caused of anaphylactic shock is common in clinical medicine and medicolegal expertise, but it is a nodus to diagnose sudden death from allergy.
26. It pass through this antibacterial extrasomatic test for helicobacter pylori provided reliable and effective drug for clinical medicine .
27. Methods We randomly selected 200 examination papers from 361 examination papers of year 2004 premedical students of clinical medicine, and then analyzed them.
28. With the development of teaching reform, topographic anatomy has been turned into the basic course of clinical medicine from the basic course of medicine.
29. The acoustic lens focus system has many strong points, such as: ease of operation, structure simple, diverse shape and cheap of sound material and widely applied in the clinical medicine.
30. The regional anatomy is a strong practicing course, and has a close relations with basic and clinical medicine courses, particularly with surgical operation, so it has the extensive application.
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