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Cellular system in a sentence

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1. Much of the functionality of cellular systems lies in the microprocessors that operate both the subscriber units and the infrastructure.
2. A new transmit diversity for a cellular system that a base station simultaneously communicates with N users is studied.
3. In OFDMA cellular system, uplink allocation is performed efficiently by base station (BS) mainly depending on the traffic information reported from UE.
4. Cellular system can be better explained in a new all-round way by the application of the tenet of materialist dialectics.
5. Second generation mobile communication system (2G) is digital cellular system which can provide low-speed data business.
6. Power control is the key technology of CDMA cellular system.
7. Oxidative stress occurs in a cellular system when the production of free radical moieties exceeds the antioxidant capacity of that system.
8. The frequency planning for a cellular system enhanced with two - hop fixed relay nodes ( FRNs ) is investigated.
9. An adaptive hybrid channel allocation scheme applied to cellular system is proposed.
10. However, cellular system is a complex material system which has characteristics of layer, integrality, dynamics, opening and so on.
11. Nokia is a famous cellular system manufacturer and provides advanced GSM/DCS1800 solutions and infrastructures for operators with GSM platform, operator can offer various services.
12. The company also is developing equipment that will allow computer data to be transmitted over cellular systems.
13. Power control is of paramount important to combat the near-far problem and achieve high system capacity in CDMA cellular system.
14. The Mobile Switching Center is sometimes called a mobile telephone switching office (MTSO), since it is responsible for connecting all mobiles to the PSTN in a cellular system.
15. According to current FCC and ETSI regulations, cumulative interference from multiple UWB devices to the downlink of GSM cellular system in indoor environments has been studied.
16. Thirdly,[] we collaborate to design a simulation platform of cellular system.
17. We study the layer selection algorithm in a hierarchical cellular system and bring forward the (DFA)dynamic fuzzy algorithm.
18. The tilted-antenna mechanism is an effective way to balance the traffic and improve the capacity of CDMA cellular system.
19. The result of the simulation show GA is effectively speed up the convergence rate, especially in large-scale DS-CDMA cellular system.
20. The author has described several key techniques for improving the capacity of CDMA digital celullar system, comparing to the spectral efficiency of FDMA and TDMA cellular system.
21. A multicell adaptive resource allocation(MARA) scheme was proposed for downlink orthogonal frequency division multiple access(OFDMA) cellular system.
22. This paper proposed a positioning scheme based on differences of signal fading in cellular system with fixed relays.
23. Finally, to fully exploit the potentials of FRN enhanced cellular system, some performance enhancing techniques on BS-FRN links are indispensable.
24. This paper proposes a general model and approach to analyze the bidirectional call-overflow scheme for an arbitrary Hierarchical Cellular System (HCS) with N layers, as illustrated by a 4-layer HCS.
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