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Carbon content in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2020-03-18Updated:2020-03-18
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(1) Cast Iron Iron with a high carbon content.
(2) It would be based on the carbon content of fuels and would have the biggest effect on the coal industry.
(3) The percentage carbon content of a coal is important because the calorific value depends on it.
(4) Half the new tax would be on the carbon content of fossil fuel and half on the energy content.
(5) Wrought Iron Iron possessing a very low carbon content, which makes it tough and malleable.
(6) The total carbon content has, therefore, been taken as the carbon content and quoted as a percentage weight.
(7) It'shows that deoiling is indispensable for carbon content , otherwise measured data will be unbelievable.
(8) The effect of carbon content of the base metal on the welded bond structure, formation mechanism of the "austenitic-rich zone" and "hydrogen-induced disbonding" etc.
(9) It could be found that the higher organic carbon content, the bigger complex quantity.
(10) The change of carbon content of each fraction is similar with that of the total DOC.
(11) The carbon content and carbon storage of Pinus massoniana Lamb at different growing stages were measured.
(12) About 90 percent of the world's total carbon content has settled to the bottom of the ocean, primarily in the form of dead biomass.
(13) To respond to quenching, the carbon content must be about 0.30 % or more.
(14) Point out the range of carbon content of low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel and high-carbon steel. Give some examples for their applications.
(15) The calculation of carbon content of unconsumed pulverized coal in the dust under different PCI rate was carried out based on microscopic and chemical analysis results.
(16) The qualified industrial pure iron whose carbon content is below 0.025 % has been made in laboratory.
(17) A higher carbon content in the steel was favorable to form short and thick primary dendrites as well as wider primary dendritic arm spacings (PDAS) and coarsening columnar structure.
(18) The affection carbon content on the average heat flux of slab coninuous casting was discussed.
(19) By way of "raising high carbon content and post blowing" as well as recarburization practice can the high carbon steel of fine quality be refined in the converter.
(20) Therefore the zoophagous is causes the global carbon content dramatic rise a substantial clause.
(21) It is closely related to peat and has a relatively low carbon content and high moisture content.
(22) It is shown that measuring the calorific value, volatile content and carbon content by constant volume combustion method is feasible.
(23) In this article the main influencing factors of the carbon content in fly ash were generalized, such as the kind of coal, the diameter of articles and the running condition of the circulating system.
(24) Research results show that the improved pyro-hydro purifying method can increase fixed carbon content of the aphanitic graphite from 84.18% to 99.25%.
(25) And the green strength decreased with the increasing of carbon content. SEM photographs show that the SiC and C particles in green body were compact ...
(26) In this paper the effect of alloyed modification for carbon content, carbide shape and distribution in austenitic manganese steel has been studied.
(27) The refiners with vacuum refining function possess exceptional thermodynamics condition of deeply decarbonizing and denitriding in low carbon content region.
(28) The results showed that the coke-burning rate is in first order with respect to both carbon content and oxygen partial pressure.
(29) Therefore, in thin section castings, for eliminating eutectic carbides and obtaining ferritic matrix, melts treated by RE need high carbon content and hypereutectic composition.
(30) The test results show that hot resistance increases substantially with the decrease of carbon content.
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