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Carbon atom in a sentence

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Similar words: carbonatecarbonatedbicarbonatecarbonationsodium carbonatecalcium carbonatesodium bicarbonatecarbonaraMeaning: n. an atom of carbon. 
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1. In graphite sheets, carbon atoms bond together in rings.
2. A molecule of carbon dioxide has one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms.
3. How many carbon atoms are there per molecule?
4. Buckyballs, of buckminsterfullerene, are soccer-ball-shaped assemblages of 60 carbon atoms.
5. Then any additional carbon atoms forming the skeleton were added and finally the functional group.
6. In graphite the carbon atoms are arranged in flat hexagons layered on top of each other.
7. Any molecule with this group attached to a carbon atom is called an alcohol.
8. Carbon atoms can form bonds not only with themselves but with the atoms of important atmospheric gases, oxygen and nitrogen.
9. It consists of a chain of carbon atoms, with one hydrogen atom attached to each carbon.
10. In this group of ions the carbon atom is surrounded by three oxygen atoms in a planar triangle.
11. In diamonds, the carbon atoms are packed in a tetrahedral pattern which is extremely stable.
12. This leaves one electron on each carbon atom unaccounted for.
13. Every carbon atom has four bonds.
14. Under this high temperature, the carbon atom structure changes, has produced quantity different graphite crystal.
15. Acidic chemical group in which a carbon atom is bound to two oxygen atoms.
16. Electrocatalysis of carbon atom wire(CAW) modified electrode to the electrochemical reaction of uric acid was investigated by using cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry.
17. However, because of a carbon atom at 3 with nitrogen, and the common protein in only a carbon atom with a nitrogen, nitrogen triclosan Cyanamid higher protein content than that.
18. Under this high temperature, the carbon atom structure changes, produced quantity different graphite crystal.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. The methyl group carbon atom has 6 valence electrons from its bonds to the hydrogen atoms because carbon is more electronegative than hydrogen.
20. A methane molecule is composed of one carbon atom attached to four hydrogens.
21. The compound of above of 10 carbon atom calls polysaccharide.
22. With increasing number of carbon atom of alkyl group in the ionic liquid the extraction efficiency of lithium obviously increased.
23. Their carbon atom numbers mostly are even number and range from C14 to C40. The proportion of ester compound is greater especially than those with carbon a toms C30 to C40.
24. They key to the parent was the longest chain of carbon atoms.
25. The two substances differ from each other only in the geometric pattern with which the carbon atoms are packed.
26. However, the ionic liquid was solid and resulted in a third phase when the number of carbon atom in alkyl group exceeded 8.
27. Many biologically important organic compounds (sugars and amino acids) possess at least one asymmetric carbon atom and therefore occur in two isomeric forms for the amino acid molecule.
28. The most common examples are organic compounds, isomers of nitrite esters in which a carbon atom is linked by a covalent bond to the nitro group's nitrogen atom.
29. A methyl group is a basic unit in organic chemistry: one carbon atom attached to three hydrogen atoms.
30. Steel wire can delaminate when the highest content of carbon atom fraction in ferrite of steel wire is over 1%.
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