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Capital cost in a sentence

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Similar words: cost of capitalcapitalized costcapital consumptioncapital crimesocial capitalnatural capitalphysical capitalprovincial capitalMeaning: n. the opportunity cost of the funds employed as the result of an investment decision; the rate of return that a business could earn if it chose another investment with equivalent risk. 
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1. The capital cost of these projects is some $100million—then there'll be the operating costs.
2. There were considerable savings both on the capital cost of power stations and on their operating costs.
3. But the high capital cost problem that prevented the installation of the relay towers has turned into an operating cost problem.
4. But formidable capital cost stood in the way of such improvements, and irrigation remained no more than a theoretical possibility.
5. The capital cost is to be financed from a local property tax.
6. Capital cost is shared out per acre farmed, while other costs are shared out per acre worked in the year.
7. Capital cost is nearly £7 for every watt of electrical energy to be produced by solar radiation.
8. The capital cost of our equipment was £17029.00.
9. Thus even if Capital cost estimates come out higher it would not greatly lower the gain associated with gas-coal conversion.
10. Appropriate tax privilege can reduce venture capital cost and raise expected gains.
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11. The capital cost is amortized over five.
12. It improves digester cost operation and reduces capital cost wherever sludge digestion is utilized.
13. This process flow is simple with less capital cost , speediness of efficacy and higher technical index.
14. According to cost-effectiveness principle, the capital cost should be used as a basic discount rate (BDR) because the discount rate is the lowest acceptable return rate of investment.
15. To survive the market competition, the reduction of capital cost and management cost, the grasp of the risk management technique, and its clever application are a must.
16. Yes. The capital cost of the actual steelmaking equipment here is only about one million pounds.
17. The equity capital cost of company is a significance indicator of corporate finance performance, reflecting the company's financing capacity.
18. Mow small systems are technically feasible and schemes exist which involve the hotelier in no capital cost at all.
19. The main advantage of the Flydaw dramatic reduction in the capital cost of construction.
20. EVA is the margin between net profit after tax and the total capital cost and its advantage lies in correlated changes between EVA and shareholder's fortune.
21. The formulae in common use for the calculation of capital cost rate are logical but defective.
22. At last, by mathematical abstracting we can set up the general mathematical models to deseribe the relation of producing capacity between capital cost[], cost of operation and total cost.
23. Economic Value Added (EVA) is economic profit that is Net Operating Profit After Tax deducted Weighted Average Capital Cost (include equity and debt capital cost).
24. By the empirical research method, the cross section analysis was made on the correlation between the capital cost and the capital structure by adding enterprise scale variable.
25. Cash flow can be divided into three parts : capital cost, capital withdrawal and residual income, so different cash flow should be matched with different relevant discounted rate while discounted.
26. In the long term investment budget, Attention must be paid to capital demand budget, capital cost, discount rate, cash flow and investment risk.
27. This article introduced an approach to estimate the rate of return for overall investment that sprang from the weighted average capital cost.
28. Idiographic apportion process includes two parts : operation cost and capital cost.
29. Based on 5% of statistics there are no apparent relationships between equity capital cost, average capital cost, standard variation coefficient of EBIT and degree of financial leverage.
30. Among them old man's berth accounts for 400, 100 baby's berths, total capital cost is about 30 million.
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