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Calculation error in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2020-11-08Updated:2020-11-08
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1) Analyze from theory the calculation error of A/G.
2) Also, by using variance analysis, the relation of calculation error to the number of parcel corner points and the size of parcel area is analysed.
3) Besides, the calculation error of fundamental wave between the SWI method and the whole- wave Fourier algorithm is negligible, so the SWI method is more practical because of the short time of windows.
4) Correcting even one calculation error or adding one other point or example can easily add a few points to your grade.
5) Finaly , how to reduce calculation error of scale conversion is discussed.
6) The energy calculation error of scalar theory was investigated firstly.
7) At last, the analysis of the calculation error was performed, and feasibility of the way was confirmed.
8) The error includes two sides, one is the calculation error about Wheatstone bridge circuit, and another is the effect of the sharp pulse producing when test current is loaded on the sample.
9) Fixed a calculation error with maximum manpower needed for reinforcement.
10) Methods for reducing the capacity calculation error are also discussed.
11) V. No mechanical adjustment is made for calculation error generated from the conversion of units.
12) The practical algorithm of sensitivity analysis of geometric programming is improved to reduce calculation error,( error.html) and this method is applied in structure optimal design.
13) The high- aspect-ratio grids were commonly used in numerical simulations of the viscous boundary layer flows and the main calculation error was always correlated to the aspect ratio of the grids.
14) For rectangular window FFT interpolation algorithm, the negative frequency components of harmonic components have a greater impact on the fundamental calculation error.
15) Due to rounding errors, for some problems of large calculation error.
16) The calculating method is introduced in detail and the calculation error is estimated.
17) The application examples have shown that this method is stable in calculation process, rapid in calculation speed and minimal in calculation error.
18) The numerical calculations indicate that the expressions are simple and practical, and the calculation error is less than 0. 5%.
19) It also illustrates with examples that the error margin calculated by arithmetic operation can establish more complicated calculation error margin.
20) The method has low requirements for the placement attitude and assembling accuracy of binocular sensor, thus the calculation error of coordinates produced by medium refraction can be removed.
21) However, For pipes with local resistance loss, the friction head loss caused by the viscosity of fluid does exist, which may lead to the calculation error.
22) The results show following conclusions. The adiabatic temperature influences calculation error more than heat transfer coefficient when the boundary temperature difference is low.
23) Simulated sample and mixed reaction solution of polybasic acids are analyzed in comparison with the results of ion-chromatography. The calculation error is less than 7%.
24) However, elastic kinematics model to simulate the kinematic and found that this calculation error is not significant.
25) A new calculation method was used in order to avoid increasing calculation error in the data processing of the rotating disc electrode.
26) If the closure head of the vessel consists of the large-scale flange and the head cover with the two of them weld together directly, the stress calculation error obtained by GB150 will be even larger.
27) Compares calculation methods for acquiring the amount of the transferred heat and probes the causes behind the calculation error.
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