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Calcium ion in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2021-12-15Updated:2021-12-15
Similar words: calciumcalcium oxidecalcium carbidecalcium nitratecalcium chloridecalcium stearatecalcium phosphatecalcium hydroxideMeaning: n. ion of calcium; a factor in the clotting of blood. 
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(1) Objective To observe the changes in intracellular free calcium ion in salt-sensitive hypertensive rat model and the effects of Antisterone on them, and to search their mechanisms.
(2) Objective : To compare the partial pressure and calcium ion concentration between acupoints and their corresponding non - acupoints.
(3) The changes of the intracellular concentration of free calcium ion in myocardial cells in each group under different conditions were dynamically measured with spectrofluorometer.
(4) Calcium ion plays an important role in cell excitation and excitation - contraction coupling as the second messenger.
(5) It was suggested that the disorder of calcium ion metabolism was involved in the cardiovascular toxicity induced by dimethoate.
(6) The synthetic effects were evaluated through data of calcium ion exchange capacity[], whiteness etc.
(7) Calcium ion regulate the uterine muscle contraction, the function of oxytocin and the process of cruor.
(8) Effects of calcium ion concentration and incubation period on protoplast quantity and regeneration for Aspergilli were studied under the light and dark conditions respectively.
(9) It is believed that the calcium ion and magnesium ion went into transformer insulation oil is why the loss of them is higher through the test of transformer insulation oil.
(10) Because calcium ion content is significantly higher than others, calcium salt becomes main harm ion. Chloridion enrichment is significant than sulphate ion in rhizosphere.
(11) Nowadays researches are very active on calcium ion metabolism and exercise fatigue, but most of them are concentrated only on mitochondria or sarcoplasmic reticulum.
(12) The mineral calcite is made up of carbonate sheets and intervening planes of calcium ions.
(13) As with Aplysia, a key player in this process appears to be calcium ions.
(14) Activity of SOD was determined with hydroxylamine method, the content of MDA was detected with TBA method, and the content of calcium ion was measured with atomic spectrophotometric method.
(15) At Harvard, Dr.David Clapham, a neurobiologist, discovered that sperm tails contain calcium ion channels, with electrically charged atoms "turbo-charging the sperm" to reach eggs, he said.
(16) Objective To study the relationship between action of acetic - ? ? - ( N - piperidine ) - ester ( Ape ) on snail - killing and calcium ion.
(17) Conclusion: Traditional acupoints are characteristic of high oxygen partial pressure and calcium ion concentration.
(18) Result: Ming Radix Codonopsis contains fat-soluble vitamin E, K and water-soluble vitamin C, B1, B2 and the herbal decoction and paste contains higher potassium and calcium ion.
(19) In these three targets, the EGTA processing displays the intense inhibitory action , it means that the lacks of the calcium ion to produce more injury in pepper's seedlings.
(20) Through microscopic analysis of XRD and infrared spectra, when calcium ion is replaced by lithium ion, the lattice spacing of bentonite and the water molecule number in the structure decrease.
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